Raise Your Vibe Now!

raiseyourvibeI tend to run with crowd that understands that NOW is the time to raise your vibration as much as you can. In the back of my mind I get the feeling that the more we do this, the easier our lives will be and the more options we will have access to as the higher energies stream to Earth. Of course follow your guidance and do this with ease, but here are some ideas. I only mention what I have done myself (yes I’m a guinea pig!).

1. Get checked to see if you have Chronic Reversed Polarity (CRP) also known as energy reversal. This is when your energy meridians are running the wrong way. Keith Smith in California has a successful herbal program to balance polarity. There are many signs of reversal. A great resource to learn more is called Woodland Wellness (both herbalists will test you). When your meridians are running the wrong way, it is difficult for your body to heal and it may feel like you are always going against the flow (because you are!) or forcing yourself to do things. Getting polarity balanced raises your vibration and is key to launching and aligning yourself to your greatest potential. It is foundational.

2. Next in line would be consider getting attuned to reiki or try another energy modality like qigong. To me, reiki is the doorway to the world of higher energies. In fact, many energy attunement systems require that you be attuned to reiki first before you are able to do other systems. Reiki clears out your meridians and aligns you to higher energies. I believe it helps us integrate the new higher energies that are coming to Earth with more ease. I experienced a cleansing during the attunements, but the temporary discomfort was worth it.

3. Keep yourself grounded to Earth in some way. This brings in the healing energy of the Earth and dissapates negative energy. You may ground by walking on the beach, walking barefoot, or using grounding technology, such as Earthing devices.

4. Breathe deep and keep hydrated. Sounds so basic, but experts say that most people do not breathe correctly or deep enough and do not drink enough water. Breathing connects us to life force energy and keeping hydrated helps our bodies conduct higher vibrational energy.

5. Do some form of meditation. I know this is a tough one for active minds and bodies, especially in our world today. However, I found that listening to the meditations and sound healing by Kelly Howell to be just what I needed since I’m definitely not a zen master. There is just something about them. When I listen to them it is as if I know the sound from somewhere, but not sure where! The sleep meditations are great. Her powerful work can make profound changes. And yes, many of her audios are available on itunes.

6. Visit Joe Vitale’s and Dr. Hew Len’s Zero Limits website to clean your subconscious. If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel it! You can also cleanse your subconscious simply by intention. This is a great practice to do everyday.

7. Read high vibe books and articles. One such book is Power vs. Force. The author, David Hawkins, says reading the book may raise your vibration. This is also true of other high vibe sources of information. (At the same time ignore low vibe sources of info like the news as much as possible.)

8. Work with energy healers. One of my favorites is a qi gong healer named Michael Mohoric. My cat and I have worked with him off and on for 5 years now. He offers distance sessions. After a few sessions, my hand chakras were activated and a lot of heat began to come out of them. My cat would get into yoga positions as the energy was sent. Another favorite is Ann Taylor. Her powerful work does everything from removing fear to increasing well being. She has several audio programs to download.

9. Drink fresh green drinks. Eat light to be light. Green is the color of the heart chakra. Incorporate more green into your diet if you feel it – it is the color of healing too.

10. Just love, have compassion and be in gratitude.

© 2012

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