Peace of I

About Ho’oponopono
Ho’oponopono may find you when you need it the most. Maybe something isn’t working well in your life or you are in a crisis. No matter, ho’oponopono is here to help in many, many ways. Ho’oponopono as it is known today is a Hawaiian system of making things right. However its roots date back way further back when Hawaii was part of what was known as the continent of Lemuria. Since Lemuria was a higher vibrating society than what we experience today, I bet ho’oponopono was even more amazing then. Today, ho’oponopono is used all over the world by those interested in creating an ideal world and to clear away miscreations (transmutation is the name of the game).

If you are ready for ho’oponopono, it can accelerate your awakening tremendously. But when I mean if you are ready, you must understand that you are the source of power (this is called taking your power back). Ho’oponopono can be a struggle for those who want to blame outside circumstances in any way (victim mentality). As we can see on this planet, the victim mentality is a social disease and is not working. Time to try something new!

We live in an energy soup of emotions. Many of us have learned how powerful our emotions are and how quickly they can create our reality. The point of ho’oponopono is to create peace within you. We must all BE peace in order to HAVE global peace. People “say” they want peace, but that is not enough. Those same people are playing Angry Birds and violent video games in their free time. This mentality projects peace outside of themselves (like it is a political decision for example). Peace means you feel peace as often as you can under any circumstance that is thrown at you. Tough challenge!

One reason to use ho’oponopono is because of just that – how it can make you feel. Tune into how you feel as you say the basic ho’oponopono words that were made known by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len in their book, Zero Limits:

“I’m sorry”
“Please forgive me”
“Thank you”
“I love you”

These words have the potential to shift you right out of any bad mood or help clear and transmute any low feeling emotions you are feeling. They have even relieved a headache for me. You can feel lighter, happier, etc. rather quickly! It is important to feel any lower emotions you have and not ignore or stuff them. Acknowledge them while practicing these words.

Peace of I and Peace of Indigo
Indigos can sometimes feel tortured by the disparity in how things “should be” compared to how they are. Ho’oponopono helps us to accept the current reality (I know that is a difficult obstacle for us to overcome) and bring some peace and calm to our otherwise active minds, bodies and souls at least temporarily (or permanently, that is up to you). When you accept the current reality, you are not fighting it (which keeps it in place.) Many indigos are working at jobs to “help” others, the environment, the animals, etc. This is an illusion that has a never reaches its ultimate goal and consequently is part of the problem, not the solution. Sure, all the above do need help, but at the same time, it is critical to be raising your consciousness so the problem will one day cease to exist.

Saying Peace of I (meaning: bringing peace to yourself) works to create a sense of peace inside you. Peace of Indigo I made up since it suits the situation and many indigos do not know peace. While trying to save other situations, indigos are forgetting to save ourselves (not in the religious sense but in the spiritual sense) meaning if you are projecting those problems outside of yourself (ego), maybe now it is time to start looking inward for the real solution (raising our vibration, clearing and healing ourselves and our dark side to get out of this). After all we have been trying to save other things for a while now and most would agree the situation has gotten worse, not better.

Work on feeling at peace and it will all fall into place. But if it doesn’t, at least you feel good and can weather the storms knowing the rainbow will come out soon!

Ho’oponopono & Nature
Ho’oponopono acknowledges the consciousness of all things. Dr. Hew Len is not shy about talking to the room in his classes or freeways while driving. What a nice surprise since I came from a family who talked to plants and cars. Extending that practice to other things is only natural. It is wonderful to understand the consciousness of all things.

Ho’oponopono Uses
Use it to transmute energy as you wish, but remember you are not trying to change or transmute something outside of yourself, you are directing the prayers to yourself. In other words you are clearing and transmuting YOU which has a positive impact on the outside world.♥

© 2012

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