Magic Energy

magicenergyThis day and age magic has been reduced to white rabbits, black hats and a cheesy wand. Some see magic as tricks or illusion for entertainment purposes. Many dictionaries describe magic as supernatural which is not so bad, yet identify many of magic’s synonyms with ‘black magic’ (but have few that imply ‘white magic.’) It is apparent that it is greatly misunderstood. Dictionaries of the future will hopefully improve their definitions as our consciousness evolves and we are able to tap into what is now perceived as ‘magic’ but is really just a natural thing that has been lost and forgotten. It is exciting to see magic being discovered!

Magic is simply an energy frequency that can be tapped into. There are foundational things that must be understood to tap into the magic. The magic comes when you are ready for it. In the meantime, you may have glimpses of it from time to time. The magic I’m talking about is simply understanding energy, raising your vibration to the level of magic, and then mixing it with higher consciousness/knowledge for the greater good. It has nothing to do with spells, charms, rituals, etc. that bring the ego what it wants. It has nothing to do with trying to get wealth, fame and other ego indulgences. The magic, if you’ve got it, naturally brings what you need to you which is abundance, alignment with your mission, higher meaning, flow, on and on. (Karma free or divine magic I guess you could say.)

The foundation:

  • everything is energy/spirit/consciousness
  • it is perceived by living ‘in the now’
  • magic is in the “mundane”; mundane is an illusion
  • magic is a state of being, not transitory
  • find ways to be unconditionally happy and joyful
  • nature is magic, indulge frequently.
  • the higher your vibration (David Hawkin’s scale) the more magical your life can be
  • energy healing can clear you of things standing in the way of your magical life
  • gratitude is a way to quicken the magical process if you are ready vibrationally. If you are not ready vibrationally, you will eventually forget to “be grateful” (grateful is not a practice, but a state).
  • signs and synchronicities are clues to following your magic (everyone’s magic is unique)
  • the eyes that can perceive magic will – the magic may happen through other people, pets, plants, etc. etc.
  • magic means ease, you are not trying, but flowing
  • being ready vibrationally, in my experience, means that once your mind, body and spirit are in balance and alignment vibrationally, the magic will occur

When referring to magic on this blog, it means in a nutshell:

  • having taken back personal power
  • taking responsibility for creations and mis-creations and learning from them
  • having gratitude for as much as possible in life
  • meanwhile being attentive to signs and sychroncities
  • maintaining and practicing presence (living in the now) so that the signs and synchronicities are easily noticed
  • living in the present means you are not projecting ‘what ifs’ into the future or rehashing the past, but creating from the now ‘point of power’
  • taking action on the signs and synchronicities to create a magical life

© 2013

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