Indigo Links

Great indigo resources:

How to Tell if You Are Indigo – Excellent article, especially further down about the traits that are explained in detail. So well written no reason to attempt to rewrite my own experience. It is too similar!

Metagifted – Site by Wendy Chapman – A pioneer in many ways and has quality information.

Characteristics Of Indigo Children/Adults – An insightful article adding more details about indigos. (If you see a pop up, leave and come back into the site).

Indigo Files – Guidance from an Indigo Elder

Doreen Virtue – I wouldn’t be surprised if Doreen was someday credited with helping wake up a good percent of indigos. Her mp3 called Indigo, Crystal, & Rainbow Children is a fascinating presentation beginning with a background about lightworkers who set a foundation for the mass influx of indigos, about indigos themselves, then on into crystals and rainbows. Beautiful!



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