Indigo FAQs

In case you are indigo or know one and have some questions…

Do indigos exist?
There are skeptics out there and that is OK, but yes we do exist! The issue of not understanding the indigo phenomenon is simply a matter of not having the higher energy centers of the body activated to be able to perceive and receive this information (most people are very rooted in 3D). If someone is cut off from their higher knowledge and intuition (for example if they do not have their third eye activated), they are simply not able to see and know things.

Do not listen to skeptics as their doubt may jump on you as you know! If you feel that energy jump on you, be sure to clear yourself (ask for the energy to be returned, take salt baths, use violet flame visualizations, energy shields, do thymus thumps, etc.). It will be interesting in the future after the world is a changed place if they believe in indigos in hindsight. We don’t need confirmation from others who have not taken the time to do their research and open their hearts, minds and souls to at least make a fair assessment. If you are a skeptic I invite you to just hang around one for a while and you will know (and by then we would have activated you!) And us indigos also advise that you don’t spend too much time trying to prove we don’t exist, time is much better spent on learning how to accelerate your own spiritual evolution since time is running out. 🙂

How does one know they are indigo?
Many indigos trip across information about indigos online and and just know. There is no denying the feeling about it and a strong sense of relief may be felt from reading the information. Several sources that say that no one can tell you are indigo. That is not true. Several healers told me unexpectedly to confirm it again and again. The universe sent me these confirmations since I was supposed to know. Now, a purely 3D person surely will not be able to tell you, that is for sure! Intuitives or those who see life colors can tell you.

Are indigos special?
I think of indigos as different, not special since that has ego implications. The missions of the indigos include humility, service and radical responsibility. Thinking you are special has no place. I cringe when I see parents describe their children as special. This creates separation and ego identification which many of the children don’t resonate with anyway. Better to teach humility.  If humility isn’t learned from the parents, the lesson of humility will come since the indigo must embody humility as one of the virtues for their mission.

Doesn’t the indigo label create separation?
Yes it can, but the positives outweigh the negatives to me. The label helps those who feel lost on this planet finally identify with something so they do not feel so isolated. It can provoke deep healing and realizations which are amazing gifts. It helps the indigo to then seek out information that resonates so that they may figure out what their spiritual gifts are in order to develop and embody them. If an indigo has not been allowed to be authentic, knowing you are indigo helps you to understand how important the authenticity is and to embody that more and more.

Personal power note:  There is a LOT of baggage out there about the indigo label on the internet. Having an issue with the indigo label is an individual’s personal decision (a mind game). The label in and of itself carries no power, it is the consciousness and bias of the individual that defines what the label means and brings power to it. Therefore every consciousness on the planet gives it different meaning and power which is valid. Our job is to strive for neutrality with all issues that bother us in order to gain emotional integrity and non-reactivity. It’s just a silly label. I prefer that over alien. 🙂

Where did the indigo name come from?
In the 1960s, Nancy Ann Tappe who is able to perceive a person’s life colors, discovered a new life color, indigo. Many people get confused and call a person’s life color their aura color so you will see many sources say that indigo is the aura color, but there is a difference between the two. After Nancy discovered the new indigo life color, she began working with indigos to discover their different traits and found 4 types.

What are the indigo types (3D viewpoint) according to Nancy?
Although Nancy has perceptions beyond 3D, her descriptions of the types of indigos are 3D. Nancy discovered 4 types: humanists, artists, conceptualists, and catalysts. My feeling about her organizing them this way is that it is a good starting place and a helpful guide for the parents of indigo children.

As an indigo reading her information, it feels very basic and I do not like the categories. One obvious gap in this information is that there is no mention of indigo healers in any of her descriptions and a large segment of indigos are healers. There is also no mention of the spiritual gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, etc. It could be that she was holding back her information, but so many other sources do acknowledge these gifts. It feels like her types would fit the human population at large. Reading the indigo humanist description on Nancy’s website for example, someone who may not be indigo could easily fit this description. There is nothing particularly different or evolutionary about it.

Why are indigos here?
Much of the information about indigos and why we are here is very 3D. From my perspective we are here to help Earth move out of the 3D structures and perception of reality and into the 5D structures and perception of reality. Generally, this is called the ascension plan, or “let’s get the hell out of here” plan. Ascension is simply accelerated evolution and there is no doubt to indigos who have been awake for a bit what we are doing. Indigos, having come in from a higher dimensional reality, know a higher way of being that is more in alignment with the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. They are not waiting for scientific proof of this as they do not need it. Indigos are the forerunners of the ascension plan and will act as a bridge to help others who wish to leave 3D and move into 5D.

What are the indigo types (5D+ viewpoint)?
The 5D indigo types on the other hand as far as I know as of this writing, are strictly unique to indigos and they are very different. Let’s put it this way, you will not find training for your missions at your local community college or any higher institution for that matter. 🙂 This information is courtesy of Lisa Renee.

Indigo type 1: Planetary grid workers – Around the Earth’s surface are energy grids. As your eyes open up to see other frequencies, you can see them. Many indigos are unconsciously or consciously working on the grid lines to maintain them.

Indigo type 2: DNA restoration – Many indigo healers are working hard to heal themselves, then they will be working on others. During this healing, they are unconsciously or consciously repairing and activating their own DNA (bodies, minds and spirits too) to the full potential. (Hint – scientist say we have ‘junk DNA’ and we only use a small part of our brains, hmmm, sounds like we do need repair work.) By doing this work, these indigos help the collective.

Indigo type 3: Polarity integrators – We live in a black or white, good or bad reality, which is really not accurate. Polarity integrators are integrating the polar opposites in order to find a common ground and present the option of neutrality and non-judgement in what we see or feel in our day to day lives. This is also part of grounding unity consciousness.

Some indigos resonate with all three indigo types. The only reason I mention the types is because in my personal experience, they are true and others may like to know about her information

There is a lot more detail in Lisa Renee’s article “Indigo Races.” It is the most complete information about the types I’ve found, although other sources have described these types as well. Her YouTube videos, by the same name, “Indigo Races” is worth checking out.

Why do indigos have a heightened sense of intuition?
The indigo ray that is seen in the indigo’s aura (the life color) is connected to the 6th chakra of the same color. The 6th chakra is the center of the 3rd eye (spiritual sight). Indigos have some, if not all of this chakra activated which makes sense because indigos do not see things the same way as those with their 3rd eye blind. Therefore indigos are connected to information of a higher frequency and to higher truth. This chakra is also why indigos have great b.s. detectors and can see right through people.

Can others become indigo if they were not born indigo?
This answer has many facets that probably I would not be able to fully explain. My feeling is that your life color does not change from what I’ve read from those who can see life colors. Therefore my feeling is that an evolving soul may acquire certain indigo characteristics such as being authentic, loyal, and intuitive in the way an indigo is (because all people are intuitive, but there are different ways this manifests). Everyone is processing indigo energy right now as the lies and corruption are being revealed due to the increased energy (or light shining in the dark corners of our world). This did not happen before there were so many indigos on the planet. ♥

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3 thoughts on “Indigo FAQs

    • Hi diaindigo,
      That is a good question! The way I view Nancy Tappe’s types is that they are basic, and describe how an indigo may be gifted and how they can use those gifts to get through school and in life in general. They are characteristics and concepts that are easily understood. They help with self exploration and help the parents of indigos understand their children, but they are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the depth of the indigo gifts. As mentioned above, so many indigos are natural healers of all types. This doesn’t mean they are in the business of healing only, but that their presence is healing to others. Nancy’s information does not include healers. I feel information is missing in her research.

      Lisa Renee’s types are about your higher mission on the planet, which an indigo may or may not be aware of. Much of the work of the higher mission may be going on behind the scenes by the higher self or at night while sleeping. However many indigos are aware of what they are doing. For example, an indigo may be drawn to energy healing systems and a clean diet that helps repair the DNA. As the DNA is repaired, 5D gifts may begin to reveal themselves – clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, etc. When we repair our DNA and activate it, then there is more potential for others to also do this. This is one gift from indigos to humanity. But the indigo isn’t necessarily aware of just how they are activating their DNA. It may be a concept that intuitively they know it is true since they have evolved greatly and have new gifts.

      As far as knowing if Nancy Tappe’s types fit in a certain way with Lisa Renee’s (like if catalysts are type 2s), I’m not sure. Since I don’t resonate with Nancy’s, I don’t have any insight there.

      I hope this helps!

      (btw I added new links to Lisa Renee’s article and YouTube videos above.)

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