Here is a list from various sources and from my own experience of what indigo missions involve. These are probably lightworker/starseed missions as well. As things evolve and the 5D missions are revealed, there will be more to add to this!

  • reality checker – denial buster
  • b.s. and lie detector/seeing to the core of an agenda
  • energy grounders – holding higher frequency where you are physically located
  • energy healers – actually practicing healing and/or the aura is a subtle healer to others
  • intuitives of all kinds
  • channelers of all kinds – info, energy, healing, etc.
  • cultural healers – have friends, significant others, etc. from other cultures to heal collective cultural wounds
  • reforming of or destruction of the 3D structures (education, government, financial, etc.) so they are rebuilt with integrity
  • Earth guardians – protect the Earth in some way – recycling, using organic methods, etc.
  • evolutionary dna codes
  • bringers of unity consciousness – law of one
  • implementers of universal laws/freedom
  • bringers/seekers of higher truth and knowledge
  • restorers of codes of honor (Knights of the Round Table)
  • voice authenticity and truth in a world that puts emphasis on appearance and glamouring (deception)
  • transmuters of lower energy to higher energy
  • wisdomkeepers
  • gridworkers – to balance the Earth’s grid
  • polarity integrators – understanding value in and transmuting so called dark energy (lack of love energies)
  • ability to access the magical frequency of divine will instead of personal will♥

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