Welcome to my blog…Musings and meditations on recreating the world with *three eyes open.* Don’t just believe in magic, create it.

Visions of life through indigo eyes – all three of them!  I’m an indigo soul who was born in the 70s, talked to “invisible friends,” (omg!) had pet rocks as a child, talked to nature spirits, and have sometimes felt irritable as heck being in this density at times (that is the point so that we do everything we can to lift out of it). It is a story typical of indigos and starseeds – feeling like you’ve landed on the wrong planet – alien-ated – seriously. And then trying to fake it all the way in 3D social situations, wondering why things aren’t quite right, wondering why something is missing in the world, wondering what the heck happened to this world, feeling angst over how people are treated, and acting like an imposter of some sort since people cannot relate to your gifts, so you don’t want to use them. After a while it no longer works and your reality must shift back to the truth of who you are. My story is quite typical to those who can relate.

The purpose of this blog is multi-dimensional. It is:

  • A place to write about multi-dimensional realities of our 3rd eyes and psychic senses.
  • A place to post about energetic and healing tools that can shift things rapidly when needed.
  • To achieve a more truthful and balanced perspective, ideally we create the world using 3 eyes. 3 is the number of harmony and unity as opposed to using 2 eyes which create polarity and separation.
  • This blog is about tools for bringing magic to the mundane (the mundane is magic) by understanding our energetic and spiritual reality.  The mission of the blog is to help raise consciousness up to the point of being in the magical flow, yay! That is the best way to live life that I know of. It is up to you to be open to it.
  • If you are sensitive to energy, you may be able to feel the energy of my blog as many have told me. That is it’s multidimensional aspect as energy does not abide by 3D time or distance. It has a certain resonance.
  • It’s cliche to say but love can really solve a lot of problems and accelerate your exit out of problems. Not the normal ego type of love that is in mainstream consciousness, ie. romantic love, is not what I’m talking about. The love that heals is higher heart love, unconditional love, compassion, empathy, etc. It is a frequency that can accelerate your evolution. Practice it often!

How I Got Here – Because This Wasn’t the Plan
I’m one of those whose life got turned upside really quickly after thinking I had it all planned out – ha! It is a typical story. Not long after exploring qigong healing for my cat with health problems, my hand chakras activated, as did my 3rd eye. It was all over for my completely 3D life (which I found out later wasn’t so 3D in the first place). I found myself in a HUGE awakening process in a short amount of time. I went through a rough “dark night of the soul” (shedding old 3D realities) and a complete (and fast) re-education on reality which made my traditional education feel almost worthless (can I get my college tuition back?). My empowerment re-education included working with energy, ho’oponopono, crystals, etc. and understanding our hidden history and galactic heritage. At the same time my re-education process is accelerating…so is my de-education detox process (undoing and releasing all the lies/mis-info learned along the way).

As I began to have more 3rd eye experiences (seeing angels, geometry, words, places, people, the earth’s grids, and nature spirits) I found no one I knew could relate to this. My mom did have some experiences but not so similar. I would search online and did find helpful information, but nothing exactly like what I was experiencing. For that reason I decided to blog about it, knowing I wasn’t the only one.

A Bit More About Me
My birth name, Jennifer, it is the modern version of Guinevere or ancient Gwenhwyfar which means “white fay (fairy or faery),” “white magic,” or “white ghost.” I believe/have felt magic is a vibrational frequency that can be reached to live your highest potential. I had to follow my heart and intuition to figure out the keys to access it. This is a work in progress. (To fast track the magic, read Pure Awareness is Pure Wonder. Somehow this technique is one of the best ones I’ve found to shift perspectives and realities.)

My mission is raising the energy/vibration of myself, in turn, the planet with other like minded souls so that we may transmute the mis-creations on Earth and create our personal and collective Heaven on Earth. This is done in several ways – energy clearing, emotional clearing (achieving neutrality), energy empowerments, energy healing, raising personal energy in many ways, ho’oponopono prayers, gratitude, meditative practices, etc.

I am fascinated with energy empowerments (attunements) and energy healing of all kinds. I’m a reiki master and attuned to many energy systems to help ground the new or returning magical energies to our planet. At this time I do not intentionally send energy or have a reiki practice. A higher power turns on the healing/life force energy unexpectedly when appropriate. This mostly happens around animals which isn’t surprising since my childhood dream was to be a vet. This is much better! I am not a “healer” as it is commonly (mis)understood since the animal/person desiring healing must be open to it on different levels and there is also the divine aspect (the unknown) of the healing as well. (Again the number 3 is present since there are 3 parties to the healing). I simply allow a presence for something to occur if it is divine will. As the “facilitator” I also receive the healing. It is never one way only.

I’m an avid practitioner of ho’oponopono and gratitude practices as they have been particularly powerful for me and helped me tremendously through the roughest times of my life. Looking back, I’m not sure what I would have done without ho’oponopono since it radically improved my life and helped pull me out of a pit of despair. For that reason I offer free ho’oponopono blessings to subscribers of my blog’s newsletter. But it is always great to do them on your own as well! Positive blessings like ho’oponopono accelerate the good things in life.

I love crystals and work with flower essences, ethereal energies, ethereal flower essences, and ethereal crystals. I love herbs, plants and animals and feel deeply about the current humanitarian situation and know that we can work from a higher understanding to create a better reality for all.

One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein that says it perfectly – ‘Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.’ If we all really knew this we would stop trying to solve or “fight” every problem and just work on increasing our awareness, ie. consciousness or energetic vibration to “rise above it.” The higher awareness can bring solutions.

© 2012

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