3rd Eyes

About 3rd Eyes
The third eye chakra is your sixth chakra (and part of your sixth sense) according to various sources. The color of this chakra is indigo. It comes as no surprise that indigos and many others carry this energy and therefore some (or all) of this chakra activated from young ages. It is typical for those with activated 3rd eyes to be able to tell someone is phony or just know things. Some of this is due to the 3rd eye energy. Even if someone does not have the 3rd eye completely activated, he or she may still have the ability to “see” things others cannot. Therefore there is a big difference in reality between someone who is third eye blind and someone who has the third eye active. When the chakra is in the process of being activated or is fully activated, even more information is available. Having your third eye activated means you are open to ideas, visions and dreams that others are not open to. The third eye could be understood as a portal to higher dimensions, a way to see another reality as well as having “vision” to be able to create a better reality.

How Does Your Third Eye Activate?
I believe activating your third eye is about divine timing. It could also be related to your heart chakra having been already activated. Intuitively it seems that an activation of the third eye will occur if the chakras below them are already activated. It is like a having the foundation solid before working upwards.

Looking back around the time of my own personal third eye activation, several things come to mind that happened. My husband used to push on my forehead in a funny, joking way, almost like he was helping me in some way unknowingly activate my third eye. I had also started to listen to meditation tapes and started learning about and participating in energy healing like qi gong. When it is time for your third eye to activate, it will!

If you would like guidance on how to expedite the activation process, meditate and ask. It could be there is work to do in the heart area first or maybe you are guided to do some sort of detox. Do a meditation bringing in the indigo color to your third eye to help activate it.

Mixed Blessings & Polarity Integration
Having your third eye activated is a mixed blessing because, in my experience, you can see more  light, truth and beauty, but at the same time you can also sometimes see dark energy, dark agendas, and extreme ugliness. Funny how that works. You come to the realization that the dark shows up when the light is being shined on it (literally and symbolically). The way to move through the dark is to see it, shine the light on it, and let it go. This is a necessary process some indigos are working on. And the more light you gain personally, the more you are processing dark in yourself and collectively since you have the wherewithal to do so. (This is why some call indigos light warriors because we are not afraid to confront dark topics, like “conspiracy theories” – which are becoming conspiracy fact – or uncomfortable topics that have been suppressed by our consciousness and therefore our institutions.) In fact, as serious truth seekers, we need to know the truth since it is the foundation for how we got into this *mess.*

Third Eye Blind & Third Eye Activated
The importance of having our third eyes activated is simple – when you create a world with 3 eyes open, you create a very different world from the one we are currently existing in. The sky is the limit as to what we are capable of. In a nutshell, it is key for us to work with all of our intuitive centers open at this time, not to mention it can be exciting and fun! ♥

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