Energy Update: Polarities, Integration and Third Eyes

3rdeyeenergyAs powerful energy enters our planet and our bodies, shifting the reality around us, there has been a ramping up of negativity released into the collective. As people awaken and realize reality is not what they thought, anger and betrayal run rampant. There is a collective CRaZinEsS going on. It is painful to watch others go through their ‘dark night’ (ego death). For those who have gone through a ‘dark night’ already it will become obvious how it was spiritual boot camp for present times. It was a blessing in disguise, but the real work now is to be an energetic sanctuary for the collective. We hold the energy of greater possibilities by breaking out of the polarity (divisive/conflict) mentality being played out intensely in real time.

Like me, you may have family members (or friends) trying to suck you back into their comfortable 3D beliefs in one way or the other. This can be a small wake up call to see how entrenched others are in an old reality. It is also a way to really understand what you believe in with all your soul. The following events are just small bits of what the collective is going through on a greater scale. I recently experienced someone trying to ‘educate’ me on the dying and divisive power structures and another attacked me about my physical appearance to try to disempower me since he was obviously uncomfortable in my presence and didn’t know why. The former was a person who knows some of my beliefs and was heartfelt in his intention. He just prefers things to stay as they are and wanted to be sure I knew ‘facts’ that make it so. The latter did not know me and simply reacted to my aura in an unconscious way to disempower me as a female to assert his male power. Both of the events felt “very yesterday,” worn out, and unexciting. The weird thing about both of these events is that they happened within a couple days of each other and I rarely have things like this happen to me. It made me realize the level of the collective craziness of those whose realities are slipping away. They may try to convince you, but they are really, really just trying to convince themselves. They are grasping at straws as the 3D goes down the tubes. Don’t go with them! It’s time to activate those angel or faery wings of yours to soar above the craziness! 🙂

It is important during these intense times to hold up the sword of truth, but not engage in the battle. Hold up your shield to protect you from the flying energetic shrapnel, but don’t deflect it back onto the collective. Many of us came here to ground neutrality – the consciousness of integrated polarity, or unity. We no longer resonate with taking sides, but have decided there is a better way – to rise above it. Literally we do this by by engaging with a higher dimension through the third eye (unity/love/joy) and physically we do this by not engaging in ‘normal’ 3D activities and beliefs that we can’t stomach any longer.

Those who are playing out the drama in real time are third eye blind. I don’t mean this negatively, but they have chosen to not see the truth (denial) or simply cannot see it (lack of skill). That is a fair choice. I believe this has to do with the wiring of their brain, DNA activation, integrity of spirit, mission and purpose at this time, etc. But the intense light pouring in is revealing the stark lack of integrity of those who take sides – a lack of being integrated with the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ (or other concepts that divide) to a neutral place of peace and understanding. This lack of integrity is becoming increasingly obvious (to the degree of being painful) in areas of life where the collective gives its power away, ie. financial systems, educational systems, media propaganda, politics, religion, professional sports, celebrities, technology, addictions, on and on.

To recap on the third eye’s traits:

  • It is the window to a bigger reality
  • Unity – The “viewpoint” of each physical eye is unified in the third eye
  • Brings a balanced perspective to the mind
  • Helps one to mediate or find common ground in situations
  • Hold empathy for others
  • Sees options/solutions where others cannot
  • Sees truth beyond ‘labels’
  • Is inclusive, not exclusive
  • Can see the positive in the negative and the negative in the positive
  • Helps one to feel bliss/joy/happiness/connectedness
  • Sees beauty in things that are unconventional
  • Helps with discernment, ie. see in someone’s eyes to know if anyone is ‘home.’

It may take a crazy collective dark night of the soul to get things back into balance. Lay low, stay well, love yourself and hug often. The collective needs all the positive vibes it can get. ❤

2 thoughts on “Energy Update: Polarities, Integration and Third Eyes

  1. Thank you, boy did I need to read this at 68 I thought I was too old to be indigo! I have been thinking I was the crazy one, yes I have had to heal myself, can only now say I am happy to be on this is planet.

  2. Hi Kathy! Thanks for your comment. I know! Many say that they were born in the 80s for example, but this may have been simply when more of them were born en masse. There had to be those who were born in previous decades to lay the groundwork for the later influx. These indigos were the “gleams in the gloom.” I believe my grandmother was indigo, and it seemed to skip a generation perhaps or wasn’t fully expressed by my dad. The older indigos had a harder time usually since they were born in the thick of the dense energy. Hugs!

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