Bowen Technique, Atlantis and Dolphins

dolphinhealingAs I relaxed on the massage table and the practitioner pushed near my spine, I got a flash of an Atlantean healing temple. I wondered if this technique had possibly originated from there or if I had experienced this type of healing in Atlantis. It didn’t matter. What mattered most was the deep peace and well-being of the experience. A dolphin flashed in my third eye and then the dolphin energy became very strong – a lighthearted wisdom. My extremities tingled and my heart felt happy. I saw myself traveling with dolphins through the red rock terrain of Arizona. We weren’t in the water though, but moving through the air.

Next I remember being surrounded by dolphins and at first it felt like a gathering, but then they welcomed me as part of their pod. What!? I know I have faery, elfin and elemental families, but dolphins too? (When watching third eye movies, you are sometimes an observer of the experience and anything goes!). Then the connections started coming together. First of my a friend and the funny conversation we had years ago about her “dolphin mannerisms.” Second, of the strong mermaid and water spirit energy I feel after eating seaweed, and more recently taking salmon oil. Next of my Himalayan cat and the water energy around him and remembering he had been a dolphin in a previous incarnation. And finally, of the “Dolphin Moves” bodywork of Amorah Quan Yin which like this technique uses the word “moves” to describe the healing procedure.

The dolphin experience and deep peace came after I had seen three traumatic deaths – one in sand, one simply in an eternal state of falling like through space, and one in violent winds. Seemingly I saw myself and I kept weeping. The emotion and feeling during a healing are the biggest clues that it is reaching a deep place within, touching a truth, and releasing what is ready to go.

I had “accidentally” found this practitioner just two weeks ago, three years after hearing about this modality, called the Bowen Technique or Bowtech. It was recommended to me to clear cellular trauma from this life and any previous ones. But it also clears family lineage trauma which results in allowing more of your core being to shine forth.

After the session and days later, I couldn’t believe how much had shifted. Off and on for much of my life, and especially in the past year, I had been in fight or flight without realizing how often it happened. There have been so many shifts recently, that my stress levels were hitting the roof at times. Old ways and techniques for dealing with stress weren’t so effective any longer. Now the stress was gone. Poof! The result is being easily in the present, being able to feel energy more clearly, and to see the “magic” of life with ease. When thinking of things that cause stress, there is no fight or flight reaction. It has also been easier to discern between other people’s energy and emotions and my own. My intuition has heightened. It feels like I’m back to that present place that is grounded and centered that eluded me for awhile. It has been one of the most beneficial healing sessions I’ve ever had.

This is the best article I’ve found about the technique: About the Bowen Technique. If you can sense energy, you will feel it when visiting the site. Relax and receive the well-being it offers. Play some Atlantean temple healing music to enhance the experience. This technique goes beyond what it appears to be in 3D reality.  ❤

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