Defense Against The Dark Arts

angeldarkskyDefense Against the Dark Arts is one of my favorite departments from the Harry Potter movies! Little do most people know this is a valid area of study you can undertake. It is not for the faint of heart or those who want to deny the existence of dark matters though, as I’m sure you remember from the movies. Darkness, although it serves a necessary purpose, ie. we need it for for healthy sleep, it makes the light shine brighter, etc., there are still dark things most would prefer not to experience or even look at for that matter, especially if hurt by them. But from these experiences there is always a silver lining. Nothing is ever simply only dark.

Part of my responsibilities in my “real life” 3D job is customer service by phone. Generally speaking I love to help people. Our company has such amazing customers, most of whom I resonate with and believe are part of my soul group, that I tend to get a lot back from them. It’s easy to create a heart to heart connection with some customers. They can feel this and I believe, will be your customer for life. But every once in a while a customer will come along to test mastery of self. 🙂 When I realize I’m on the phone with an upset customer I immediately start saying ho’oponopono cleaning words to myself. This helps me to keep the conversation neutral. It also shifts the energy of the interaction and since we are all connected, the customer will usually feel the power of the ho’oponopono on some level, not consciously though. I know they feel it since their attitude changes for the better, sometimes dramatically. It can feel really magical! Most of the time, the issue is resolved and the customer goes happily on their way, which is less stress on everyone.

But just when I thought I had my techniques down, enter “customer from hell” to show me otherwise. I actually can’t remember a time when I had a worse customer. The situation was doubly dark in the sense that on the surface she sounded sweet and calm, a deceptive mask of some sort over her true character. Meanwhile she was directly personally attacking me. She was condescending and trying to disempower me, still all the while sounding sweet. The disconnect was kinda chilling. Her words could have sliced like a knife. I “saw” her tongue in my mind’s eye and it was like a snake’s tongue with switchblades on the end. If she was in front of me, it felt like she could have killed me calmly while smiling. Getting to the point, the ho’oponopono wasn’t working so well! I was so taken aback by her deliberate personal attacks that I felt my “universal love connectors” had been severed. I could not muster up any true empathy for this lady due to the disconnection.

While my positive emotions were being blocked for whatever reason, I felt a psychic attack in my solar plexus that knocked me off balance. They say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” but this brought that saying up to a whole new understanding. Although she was directly trying to hurt me, I did not feel hurt emotionally except my heart sank a bit (it was great to realize my emotional immunity is high), but instead I felt the attack on the physical level which was a first. Of course it wasn’t her words hurting me, but the intention behind the words – she was trying to disengage or suck my personal power and most likely she was completely unaware of her false power/black magic. There was an energetic battle of sorts I couldn’t deny. Since my normal energetic and spiritual tools weren’t working, she was able to do some harm. The psychic attack hurt my body, although temporarily (and left a psychic battle scar!). It showed me where I still have work to do to become more immune, to master myself, and stay balanced why crap is being thrown at me. Not easy, but possible. It was light warrior training for sure.

After getting off the phone with her, there was not a clean break. I was still surprised at her attacks in a situation that didn’t warrant it. It was staying with me. Her energy was still connected to me. I then grounded myself and severed the etheric cord that I physically felt in my solar plexus as she tried to “hook” me. (I simply imagined the cord was removed from my solar plexus and transmuted with love. You can ask your guides to help remove it). Doing this gave me a big sigh of relief, a sign it worked. I found my center again and her energy was cleared out of mine. Then I did shielding techniques. Finally I could feel that my love connectors were able to connect again and I could actually feel empathy for this poor abusive lady. The ho’oponopono started working and I imagined the energy of the situation all cleaned up (since energy knows no time or distance). Everything felt much lighter.

Psychic attacks can be neutralized with love I learned. It works with the love of your being, there is no forcing of the love emotion. You don’t really need anything else, except some clearing and shielding of your energy field to be able to stay connected and balanced in the first place! In some sense there really isn’t a defense against the psychic attack if you can transmute it into love. (I’ll be experimenting with this if another situation arises). The person you are interacting with may be completely repulsed by the love, which is their right. And they may keep attacking because of it. The point though is to simply clean up the interaction on your own end so that you are at peace again. Looking back, the customer was probably repulsed by my energy and personality from the get go. Our wavelengths were a mismatch. You can’t win them all. But I have to thank her for helping me create this post and learn about this level of attack. It was a perfect, hands on experience in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Severus Snape would be proud. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Defense Against The Dark Arts

  1. Wow. You handled the situation so well. Its our normal reaction to jump straight to blame & defense which perpetuates the situation. You completely changed the energy of your interaction & used it to heal. Its got me thinking about how I can use Ho’oponopono more every day.
    Thanks, Emma.

    • Hi Emma,
      Thanks for your sweet comments. At the time it did not feel like that though since I was off balance. Really it was more about clean up afterwards! But each situation, especially if tested more, is a way to learn to be more resilient. Hugs, 🙂

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