Moonbathing and Spirits of the Sky

moonbathingDuring one of the last supermoons earlier this year, my 3rd eye was unexpectedly really active. The moon was hanging there directly in my line of vision as I drove. It was a mesmerizing and meditative presence. The pressure on my 3rd eye was intense as I felt like I was driving into the moon and the moon’s energy was being forced into my 3rd eye. It felt like an energy attunement and a subtle but powerful brain massage.

When I got home I decided to moonbathe which I had never done before. It was a bit cool out, so I didn’t put on shorts or a bathing suit which would have been nice to soak up more magic and sparkly starlight. I decided to just be with the moon. It was such a clear night and I began to moon gaze. As I did, I noticed a thick, white glow around the moon, as if it were the moon’s aura. As I locked my eyes on it, the way the energy shifted it looked like a beautiful white rose. Then around the aura I could see fine ripples of blue surrounding the moon. I had noticed what few clouds there were in the sky were light and wispy. “Not normal clouds really,” was my thought. They were so small and all alone, isolated, out in the middle of nowhere.

I continued to enjoy bathing in the moon’s shimmer and the light from the stars. It was peaceful and calming. Suddenly I saw a long, white line near the moon which surprised me. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. I went out front of the house to get a better look and realized it appeared to be a geoengineering trail. I’ve never seen one at night so at first I didn’t believe my eyes. As it dissipated into the night sky, it turned into light and wispy clouds. I wondered why the entire sky was clear except for these few wispy clouds right above the house. One of which in particular looked like it had huge, wispy wings. Oh! I wondered if these were spirits of the sky, the sylphs, I’ve heard about. Sometimes the sylphs look like abstract angels. Are they helping to clear up the sky?

As I stared at the few wispy clouds in the sky, I saw blue and white lights and larger white lights sparkling “inside” these wispy clouds. Nature spirits indeed. Spirits of the air and sky. My goodness, what a beautiful site to see. Nature working on our mess. Magical beings just waiting for us to wake up and cut it out. Although the spirits of the sky can help us to some degree, we still have our own responsibility to clean up our act. I sent the spirits of the sky my heartfelt love and gratitude for their work. I had a sense that like other nature spirits, they are further empowered by those who know they do indeed exist and can send them appreciation for existing. My experience felt a bit like a heartbreak, yet beautiful at the same time. So full of hope for the planet.

Enjoy the supermoon!

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