The Energetic Empathic Life


Years ago I met a wise woman who could feel stuck energy with her hands. When she ran them across a wall she could feel different vibrations of energy. At the time, this seemed like an unusual gift to have, yet a fascinating one. She would use this gift to space clear people’s homes and offices. She would tune into the feel of a place and could sense the energetic harmony or disharmony. Fast forward years later and little would I know that I could do *kinda* similar things. If you are reading this and don’t have this or similar abilities, hold tight one day you might!

The energetic empathic life is an interesting one since there isn’t so much in day to day life known and expressed about it. Luckily these days we have the internet to be able to discover more about these abilities. While they seem fascinating since they are not used in everyday life by all, there are pros and cons to the gift. While it is great since you have insight to know things and feel things, some things you just don’t want to know or feel! TMI alert.

My first insights into “something was going on with me” was when I began to be able to feel the energy from certain websites I visited. Some of them had such an incredible feel to them, I knew this was some sort of guidance. My hands would get really hot and tingle. Sometimes my crown chakra would tingle if it was a higher vibration. I took this to mean that this site had something to offer vibrationally (but it was up to me to be open to it). Exactly what the connection meant I didn’t always know, but it was definitely life enhancing.

Not long after, I noticed when I watched violent movies that I took on the pain from the movie. I would feel the pain run from my butt to the backs of my knees usually when someone in the movie fell or was hurt in some way. I wasn’t necessarily feeling it where that person would if it was a real life fall or injury. It was such a normal part of my life to feel this pain that I didn’t realize this didn’t happen to others. I still have not resolved this and therefore can’t watch a lot of mainstream movies that are violent unless they have enough substance to keep me hooked. But that is the point, if you are hurting, don’t watch it! I still hope for another solution, like a shielding technique. If you know of any that work for this, let me know! Otherwise this is definitely not life enhancing!

I’ve noticed my empathic abilities increasing recently. This can make life even more of a zoo to contend with. “Is that my emotion or so and so’s next to me? Hmmm. Let’s try to sort this out.” Or “this place feels awful.” Or lately I’ve noticed I cannot look at some people in the eye since the energy emanating from their eyes feels almost scary. I feel like I deflect the evil eye. Sometimes I wonder how empaths can even exist in this density. Seriously. First we have our own emotions to deal with, then we also feel others’? Uh, don’t we do enough here without having the added responsibility of others’ emotions? And what is the point of it anyway?

There are also beautiful things that happen. I can tell when people have open hearts when I walk by them. Once I look at them, I feel my heart opening in that case. I recently gave a homeless man some money and he told me “Que Dios te bendiga/God Bless you” and his blessing was so powerful I burst into tears. I can feel how pets being walked around town feel. I even felt the relief from a bunch of kale brush my being as I took off the twist tie around it! I definitely didn’t need the relief, but the kale sure did. That was a first. And of course you can start feeling the energy of things like crystals or choose things you buy based on their energy. I’ve felt the positive energy from a car one day, or the person driving it. It sometimes feels like the world is coming to life.

All of these experiences brought me back to Dr. Hew Len and ho’oponopono. He talks to everything, giving things love since everything is consciousness. He receives messages back from things as well; even about how the things feel. 🙂 So in case you too are receiving empathic feelings from things as of late, remember you are not some sort of lunatic. You are just connecting to a greater awareness. Once connected to a greater awareness, we change our actions in the world to respect all of consciousness. A nice reminder during these accelerated times!

6 thoughts on “The Energetic Empathic Life

  1. Regarding the shielding technique, I would love to know of some too. Sometimes when I’m around an intense negativity, it is so ehausting/draining, that I don’t know what to do. It’s almost as though I can feel their hidden anger, or something :(.

    I love the artwork here, and your writings… I’ve only met one other person who seems to be aware of and talk of these topics… It’s refreshing in many ways, to read more about them, actually,it’s comforting…

    • Hi caldosorriso,
      Yes, I do believe it is that you can feel the hidden anger or whatever emotions they have. The first thing is to discern if it is yours. How I do that is to shield (you may want to ground first). The technique I use is explained in this previous post:

      “My favorite shielding technique (from Amorah Quan Yin) has always been to surround myself with white light, dip myself in true blue (looks like an egg shaped aura), then surround the true blue aura with the violet flame. If this works like a charm, then the energy/emotions you felt are very likely not yours.”

      You may have to play around with shielding techniques that pop into mind to see what works for you. If you have tried a few and nothing works, then usually that means you have that same emotion to release. This happened funny enough, to me yesterday. Perfect timing for a new lesson. I was fine, in a great mood, going along with my day and went to the grocery store. After leaving the grocery store and getting back into my car, I felt this dark cloud and sadness come over me. I did the technique and it did work part way, but not completely. Later I came home and realized I had some sadness to let go of – it just flowed out. Now I’m wondering if the person in the grocery store helped me by amplifying the emotion I needed to release. I no longer needed this sadness, especially coming into a powerful eclipse where we are releasing what is no longer needed and have the potential to manifest dreams! 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  2. Just rec this & synchronicity. Amazing art work too 1) am an empath but more sensitive since a few knocks
    So guard myself indoors as am in a big city dream of detached home in green.
    However I think am here for my medirations to calm the area- it was crazy a few weeks ago Blue light can protect, do chakras a lot in water, gratitude, see master numbers a lot 11,22 means angels are protecting.
    Did not know hands can feel energy in buildings will try. I helped a shot teenager & he survived. Instinctively used my hands & believe i am a healer blue ray/insigo. I med a lot & am on computer probs too much. Am sensitive to aggression, noise etc. although can be angry myself & calm/mindful. Good luck on journey.

    • Hi Nathalie,
      Thank you for sharing. I too spend most of my time (working) in a big city. I too dream of being somewhere more green. My soul longs for that. How I understand being in the city is that our mission is to be like lights in the dark for now. Yes you are calming the area. Cities are quite thick with old energy and dark energy. That old energy is gradually being dispersed as we punch holes in it so to speak. It is not easy for empaths to be in cities, but it does teach us how to master our energy field. One thing I learned recently as I was walking downtown…I had the overwhelming sense of being fully present. I felt like I could have started floating. I was just watching and observing. I saw flashes of how the city had been before it existed. Everything was peaceful. If you find energy from others or the city itself is bothering you, see what happens if you focus on being present and highly aware. It may reduce the negative feeling. The energy may go through you instead of sticking to you. I’m going to have to try this one again too. Hugs, 🙂

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