The Keys to the Magic Portal

portalkeyAnyone sensitive to energy these days is really going for a ride on the intense energy waves. Some of these wave peaks have been really fun, uplifting and can give one an exhilarating feeling of freedom. Then some of the waves feel like they are holding us under a bit or leading us to where we may not yet feel we want to go. They make us question not only the shifting reality around us, but also the reality within. Then some people are having just an all out horrible time right now with these waves. Like a tsunami is holding them under. This is especially true if we have ego attachments or rigid beliefs that don’t want to die! Who doesn’t have these? Just when we think we’ve cleaned some out, there come a few more. No blame no shame.

Due to the intense energy, I thought maybe a good summary of the keys to accessing the magic is fitting. These are things I tend to forget day to day in the rush of life. Writing them down makes them more real. Accessing the magical portal is being able to observe the magic in life. It feels great, things flow, there is harmony and fulfillment. Signs and synchronicities are everywhere, we just have to notice. The consciousness in things may seem to “come alive” with a message. And most of all it can be unbelievably fun! It is incredible to be aware of another world (the spiritual one) which is overlooked so much today.

These are keys that were important for me to take to heart when my 3D world crashed around me. At the time I didn’t know where the crash was headed (to be able to experience the magic). The keys may not yield instant results, they are more like a work in progress. Take what sounds good to you and leave the rest!

#1 It’s an inside job. No, not in the conspiracy theory sense, although that may be true too, but in the sense that we have to make adjustments inside ourselves and take responsibility. Listen to the little voice within to find out what it is saying. Outside issues you are not in control of are distraction. There isn’t anything wrong with distraction other than to know that it is the opposite of accessing the magical portal. To change your world, simply change your perspective of it.

#2 Rise above issues.  Understand all sides of an issue, not just your side. Seeing all sides of issues resolves and dissolves them. When you are head to head with an issue, that is just time wasted outside the magic, as the issue grows larger. Being lower vibrations, anger and fear do not allow access to the portal. Negative emotional reactions block the magical portal. Neutrality and “higher” ways of seeing issues give access to the magical portal.

#3 Suspend beliefs. Things are moving quickly and we cannot possibly receive new magical beliefs (or truths) by holding on to old ones. When a thought or belief comes up, analyze it for a moment by asking, “Is this really true?” Most likely you will find some, like I have, that are illusions that have impaired my way of being. 3D beliefs impede access to and awareness of the magic portal. Believe in what seems impossible.

#4 Stop thinking, lol. Really what is meant here is to stop trying to figure out how to fix an issue. Surrender the need to control (hard, I know!). When there is an issue, you may have to find a “higher” way of resolving it or moving forward without using manipulation. Allow the universe, the divine, the spiritual, to soothe things over. I know it sounds easy in words, but the ego may fight. Allow the ego to chill and relax. The great tools that really helped me were ho’oponopono cleaning tools, The Release Technique by Larry Crane, and pretty much any book by Frank Kinslow, ie. The Secret of Instant Healing. These three techniques work beyond the mind I believe. Because of this, there is an element to them that “we are not in control of” which means things may work out even better than we dreamed. Everyday, unaware thinking impedes access to the magical portal.

#5 Find peace and love. Lately I’ve noticed a rise in the number of emails/ad campaigns asking you to “fight” something, an abuse, a cause, etc. “Fighting” is really gaining momentum at a time where many are having ego “deaths.” The ego loves to fight “issues” and “causes” to have something to do. Rise above fighting and focus on peace within. It is incredible how hard it is sometimes to find peace within even though it is easily accessible anytime, anyplace. Peace gives access to the magical portal. Bring in the love and ground it in your world. Keeping love strong in your heart means your world is always magical. (Work in progress!)

#6 Be in nature as much as possible.  My experience has been the more natural, the more magical. Watch what nature does around you. We are meant to be in nature to maintain balance. Take a break from all the unnatural things if you can – working 9-5, being on the computer, watching TV, reading news, etc. I believe a key to happiness and magic is being in nature as much as possible. Nature is the magical portal!

Last and definitely not least:

#7 Be an observer. The observer receives insight and information. Being present is the biggest key to the magic portal I’ve found so far. Practice listening. Practice presence. Be aware. Here the signs and synchronicities jump out. You may get messages from spirit, animals, plants, see things in your mind’s eye, etc. Decide to practice magical perception. Being an aware observer is the #1 key to the magical portal.

Hopefully these help you access the magic. Keep in mind again that they are all a work in progress. They are not like a pill where you take it, you will get a result. Your own spirit has to be on board with accessing the magic too. Let me know any techniques that work for you!

4 thoughts on “The Keys to the Magic Portal

  1. Yes, indeed, it has been quite the year(s) and quite the process. Some phases are certainly easier than others, yet there is always those magical moments, which seem to come in phases as well. I saw something last Friday night that I have been unable to define nor shake from psyche. : ) I sure hope you are doing well and again, thank you for your insights. ❤

    • Yes, the magical moments do seem to come in phases as well. At the beginning I felt like there were little holes poked through the veil giving me a taste of what was to come. It was more elusive and when it happened it was almost unbelievable since it was so new (now it seems more normal). Bad moods and other states of consciousness would hide the magic (or I wasn’t allowing it), but you have to honor that and ride it out. Then it feels like you can get to point where there is more and more magic. Definitely a process that takes time. I sometimes wonder what this is leading to. If you feel like sharing more about your experience from Friday, feel free to email me: thirdeyeindigo(at) Hugs,

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