Past Lives Rising!

pastlivesOver the last few years, like most who like to delve into the unknown, I’ve learned about a past life here and there that was important to know about in this lifetime. At the beginning, readings with intuitives would reveal past lives, but it is fun to figure them out for yourself. The clues to your past lives are all around you, right in front of you, and if it were a snake, it would bite you. It is fascinating and exciting to find out about them since living in this current time can be lackluster when having to deal with pure 3D! I found many of my past lives to be quite magical and they were a relief to see and especially feel. I can’t imagine living a purely 3D life – I would cry of boredom then die of boredom.

Like many aware individuals I have past life memories and I’ve heard this over the years from others, but what does this mean? At the time I never got what they meant by past life memories. It isn’t like you suddenly know, “Here comes a memory of your past life – keep your third eye open!” But the clearer you become, the clearer your past lives become. I call it past lives rising! And they rise when they are supposed to. Awareness of them can help you heal or they help impart higher knowledge you need to know in this life time.

Feeling is the key. Sometimes people think they are making up something if they have a vision, but the feeling is so great and sometimes so familiar that the feeling is really key to understanding the overall theme or message of a past life. For example, I have felt past lives so peaceful unlike any peace I’ve ever felt during this lifetime. The depth of the peace was incredible and it made coming back to reality difficult. But a past life such as that can still be tapped into later by seeing the past life and meditating on it.

Some ways to clue into past lives:

1. You may get a hint, a nudge or an all out emotional reaction to a movie you have seen. For me this happened a few years ago when I saw the movie Apocalypto with Mel Gibson. It gave me the biggest reaction ever. Whenever I think of this movie, my eyes still tear up. You would think I would get over it already. This movie, if you have seen it, shows Mayans being sacrificed and what they went through as captives. During much of the movie all I did was cry and cry! I’m actually surprised I watched it the whole way through because being an empath, I feel almost pain in my body when an actor is hurt. So watching violent movies can feel too uncomfortable. But the feelings that came over me while watching it were like I had been there, done that. I’m sure I’ve been sacrificed many times and this movie may have helped to bring this life to light and clear/heal it.

2. A sign of past life energy grounding itself in this lifetime is the artwork or other objects you gravitate towards and display around you. Sometimes we hang things on our wall to “process” them. They are important symbols in our lives that many times we are trying to incorporate into our being or have as daily reminders that hold a certain energy. At one point in my life I had a wall full of crosses of all types from Mexico (the theme of Mexico runs really deep in my past). Others thought I was religious in the traditional sense, but I never had been. I just loved the crosses. At that time I was processing a past life as a Catholic priest and was gravitating toward a lot of religious objects including rosaries. Once the processing was over, the crosses came down. Why I was processing that past life, I have no idea other than it needed to process to move forward. It was just “there.”

3. Reading something or learning about a past civilization triggers a feeling or scenes in your mind, or both. This has happened to me several times. The most recent time it happened was regarding Lemuria. I kept getting these Lemurian feelings. Then I became obsessed with learning more about Lemuria. But even more important is the feeling of that life. It was a peaceful one, surrounded by the elements – a white beach, blue sky and green jungle. I could feel all the elements around me. It is like a continual meditation.  I still tune into that past life to experience the peace and meditation of it. It is always available.

4. A certain action can trigger a past life memory. For example, I could “see” a Greek past life in my mind’s eye over and over again when I walked up the stairs in my house. In the past life I was also walking up stairs. The scene in my mind was outdoors and the stairs overlooked the ocean. I felt a breeze on my skin and the sun was shining brightly and the day was so amazingly clear. This life was also one of calm and peace as many of my current memories are.

5. Your dreams. Your dreams are a clue! They show what your abilities have been. Remember the flying dreams, the magical dreams, the dreams-that-you-wish-would-just-last-forever-since-they-are-so-amazing-and-you-don’t-want-to-wake-up? A few of my dreams have been about: flying, practicing levitation, being healed by the spirit of herbs, and meeting with my elemental guide. I’ve also had some dreams of other planets.

6. The foods you eat. Mexican food is one of my favorites. It has such an incredible, ancient history to boot. When eating authenitc Mexican food it is like eating a bit of history and culture, and also remembering. Do you crave ancient food? And no, Taco Bell does not count!

My past lives have changed over the years. At the beginning they were about healing trauma or healing relationships. Now they are about peace, tranquility and higher knowledge. I suppose once you get the gunk out of the way, your “higher” lives can shine through. (I think of “higher” lives as being those where I used higher knowledge as an energy worker or elemental, etc. You know, the knowledge not taught in schools these days. Those lives were pretty much drama free and just peaceful or fun.)

In reality it all comes down to the fact that our past lives really are not “in the past” on the spiritual level. We are the same spirit, just in a different body. So as you open up to your past lives, especially your “higher” ones, you realize that all you are becoming is more of yourself.

Happy past life exploring! 🙂



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