Crowned Frogs, Kermit, Totems, Oh My!

frogguideThe world of animal totems is a magical one. If you find yourself suddenly obsessed with a particular animal, bird, reptile, sea creature, or mythical beast, it could be you have a new totem. Yay! Take a look around your house…Do you tend to collect things with certain animals? Many times we are unconsciously aware of our animal totems and buy things that represent them (only to “get it” later). Or someone else consciously or unconsciously tunes in and buys something for us that represents our totem. (And some of us probably have a spiritual zoo following us around!)

Enter my frog totem. He has been around for years. I only became really aware of him more recently. I’ve had a few frog things around the house, but not long ago I saw him in my mind’s eye. I was just about to drift off to sleep when “flash” there he was for a moment. He reminded me enough of Kermit the Frog I started laughing thinking of how funny it would be to actually have a vision of Kermit the Frog. It must have been the eyes. When I mentioned this to a wise friend, she said, “Oh, I had a frog guide too.” It seems the frog is an important intermediary and teacher between humans and the elementals. Somehow after that “flash” I’ve become obsessed with frogs and I’ve been exploring how my frog guide is working with me:

  • Dream magic and manifesting dreams
  • Sense of humor – The frog can be a jolly character.
  • He is sturdy. With four feet on the earth, he makes solid decisions.
  • He is observant and does not overreact.
  • Learning to ground emotions. (I suppose if you happen to overreact!) Being that he is of the water (emotions) and earth (grounding), he is a master of these elements.
  • Greening my already pretty green life – gardening, planting seeds, getting more plants, etc.
  • Nature magic
  • This list is in no way comprehensive! He has many other talents and gifts.

A frog or toad is sometimes depicted on a toadstool, a stool where a toad sits. Mushrooms and toadstools are connected to the fairy realms, ie. fairy rings. These creatures are highly connected to the fairy and elemental realms.

crownedfrogLater I began to see crowned frogs everywhere, but I do not see them as frog princes. I see them as frogs with wisdom. I began to wonder, “Why is it so many frogs wear crowns these days?” Yes in fairy tales, but also in art, garden statues and other media. Before the “fall” of the princess (a la Disney) and back when real princesses were women of true power, was the relationship between the princess or the priestess and the frog one of wisdom and learning? Was she being taught the wonders of the elemental world? And all we have left of that wisdom today is the dumbed down princess and a frog prince? (The original fairy tales usually have more substance than our modern versions though.)

My experience with totems has been that how the spirit animal works with someone may be different than how it would work with others. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all totem. Only you or a really good intuitive can tell you how the animal is working with you. Information online about spirit animals and totems is just scratching the surface. And forget having one totem. Most of us have several!

In the Western world, most see animals as lower beings in some way. As the world of animal spirits and animal  totems opens up, it becomes quickly apparent the depth of the wisdom of the animals. We can’t possibly fathom the depth of this wisdom and know all what the animal is about from our level of awareness (awake or not).

As for the crown, the frog could care less. Prince? What is that? As long as us humans get it back together living in harmony with our environment, he is jolly.

2 thoughts on “Crowned Frogs, Kermit, Totems, Oh My!

  1. I love the images on your blog! They are gorgeous.
    I have never thought of having an animal as a guide, but its a beautiful idea.
    I also love your interpretation of the frog wearing a crown – it indicates wisdom.
    Frogs are also meant to be an indication of the health of the local environment. healthy frogs = healthy environment.

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