Pure Awareness is Pure Wonder

pureawarenessBeing a big fan of fabulous energy healing techniques that can make positive shifts in your world (and the outside world), I was thrilled to rediscover a technique that is pure wonder. In the past I wrote about handy energy healing techniques to have in articles called “Energy Toolkit for Everyday (or Emergencies) Part 1 and Part 2” –  techniques that are great for any energy wizard to have on hand. Some are free and some require attunements or learning online or buying a book, etc. The technique featured below is a powerful one and a great addition to the toolkit, although it is not an energy technique, but an awareness technique. The results can be felt and seen. I’m a huge fan of such techniques because many are free, they are readily available when asked for, the supply will not run out, will not get lost, they do not require anyone’s permission to obtain, etc. In this world of rapid, sometimes stressful change we need instant solutions that are free of chemicals and toxins and actually have positive effects to boot, such as increasing energy, supporting health, and creating feelings of well being.

The Pure Awareness Technique
A few weeks ago I stumbled upon some audio downloads on my iPod that made me curious. “The Secret to Instant Healing – Pure Awareness Technique by Frank Kinslow” it read. Curious of what it was (and even more curious about how I forgot about it), I decided to listen right away. The audio takes you through a meditation where you become aware of feelings in your body (heat, tingling, etc.) then expands out into the universe taking you on an expanded awareness trip. The meditation was enjoyable. I felt good, centered and peaceful and for that day, that was that.

The next day I awoke to find myself in one of the best moods ever. One of those moods where you say to yourself, “Why can’t everyday be and feel like this day?” It was a day where I felt very connected to the elements and nature. On these kind of days, I love to make a “fire” in the kitchen by making delicious meals, enjoy many cups of herbal tea, light candles, play classical music, feel snuggly, and just all around enjoy myself. I realized I was in the flow. I began to wonder if this had something to do with the meditation. There was a second meditation on my iPod called “The Gate Technique” by the same author. I decided to listen. This technique has you focus on a positive word and “watch” it. At the end of the recording, Frank explained the positive side effects of the two techniques and lo and behold, all the positivity was from the meditation (but I had to be open to accepting it). In addition he said that people would begin to notice something different about you, and that happened too. It was pretty amusing.

Now I use the technique throughout the day, by simply becoming aware and saying “Pure Awareness.” It will shift me quickly. If I’m feeling stress, it melts away. If I find myself thinking too much, it centers me and I remember that my thoughts may be a mis-perception and that pure awareness knows best on how to handle situations. People use the techniques (and others by Frank known as Quantum Entrainment) for well-being, to relieve pain, enrich relationships, to create positive outcomes for situations and much more. I have used this technique in several “sticky” situations with results that feel magical, harmonious and sometimes surprising. So much positivity from so little work. The goal of the techniques is that you access positivity and positive feelings whenever you want or need to, even in more difficult or emotional situations.

The effects of the Pure Awareness and Gate Techniques I’ve noticed:

  • More energy/less sleep needed
  • Improves mood – happy and joyful for no reason
  • Easier to stay in the now
  • Increases knowingness/intuition
  • Increases connection to angels
  • Increases feeling connected to all
  • Increases ability to speak your truth clearly and with neutrality and harmony
  • Increases heart center and the ability to radiate love
  • Increases overall harmony
  • Increases overall wellbeing
  • Reduces stress and cravings for unhealthy foods and drinks
  • Increases vibration
  • Can help you change the way you view situations
  • Increases resiliency when faced with adversity
  • Can help to change to priorities that are in alignment with health
  • Helps with creative projects

Shortly after doing the meditations I found myself feeling surrounded by angels and drawn back into connecting with them daily. I used to see angels above my bed at night in the past, seemingly gliding along the ceiling. But these days I pretty much forgot about them (sorry angels!) until now. Perhaps the meditations slowed my mind enough to tune in. Or perhaps they help to raise your vibration to be more available to their guidance. But the angels were making themselves known through all sorts of signs – from cars that had “Angel” on the license plate itself (and I watch plates all the time for signs) to noticing an address had “Angel” in the street name, to seeing a winery that named all their wines after the archangels. OK I get it angels!

Later, I grinned from ear to ear when I decided to listen to the audiobook, The Secret of Instant Healing. Frank’s dedication was, “For Martina, my wife, the essence of innocence, compassion and love and proof that Quantum Entrainment has influence over the angelic realm.” Actually, I think Frank just might be an angel himself.

Click here and scroll down for the free audio downloads.



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