Of Seaweed, Mermaids and the Magic of the Sea

of_seaweed_mermaidsWith its shimmery, deep gemmy color and delicate rice paper thinness, the fast food of seaweed – lightly roasted and seasoned rectangles, ie. SeaSnax, have become popular. They crossed my path and I decided to indulge. But, oh no! Upon placing the almost light-as-air weed in my mouth, there came mixed signals from its energy. First was the almost, but not quite repulsive flavor, but then following that was a wave of well-being that flowed through me. I’ve been aware of being mineral deficient at times and the ‘yes’ my body gave me had to be listened to. Luckily, it dominated over the flavor and soon, the kinda repulsive flavor waned. But the seaweed continued to offer waves of well being (and more, than I could ever imagine.)

It wasn’t long after that I began to experience the healing magic of the sea. It all started with a sparkling aquamarine and iridescent mosaic tile vase I saw that was simply alluring. The specific color resonated and invoked feelings and memories of the ocean. It seemed natural to immerse myself in the peaceful colors of the ocean – aqua, light blue, sea foam green, pearl, pale green, deep green, and iridescence – in a color therapy way. Around these colors it felt like a mediation as the ocean of my subconscious was reached.

Next, mermaids were calling, but this wasn’t noticeable right away or the first time it happened. The first time was after trying Truth Calkin’s seaweed soup, but on a smaller scale. I was suddenly drawn to mermaids. But this time since I was eating seaweed everyday, a ‘mermaid mood’ came over me to sweep me out to sea. Mermaids synchronistically appeared again and again while searching online for example; even unexpectedly at work. The siren’s call was much stronger this time. Decorating ideas for our guest bathroom kept popping into my mind – mermaids/ocean/shells/aqua/etc. The ideas were simply ‘there’ in my mind’s eye. Finally heeding the call, a peaceful mermaid statue with seashells around the base found its home in the bathroom. More ideas came as a boost of creativity seemed to be another effect.

abaloneThere has also been a strong pull to other gifts from the sea – shells, abalone, starfish, sea horses, shimmery stones and pearly things. Living close to the ocean, its relaxing roar and salty air have been more obvious. Audios of the ocean lull me to sleep at night. I’ve traded Himalayan salt for Celtic sea salt in some recipes. Taking sea salt showers or baths regularly is refreshing, grounding, and clearing.

After being thoroughly submerged in the sea energy, the connection hit me – that my world had been magically changed by seaweed. I laughed at the humor of it all. This was a front row seat to understand and live the saying, “You are what you eat.”

On the side of the SeaSnax package, they say it is “strangely addictive.” I wondered if they actually knew how far that could go – feeling the lure to mermaids, shells and sea creatures and having waves of well being come over you. Could it be that the minerals in the seaweed activate and attune to something within? That the body is finally nourished enough to function more optimally and magically? Who knows, but as long as the magic of the sea continues, I’m a happy mergirl. 🙂




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