A New Citrine Lamp: The Magical Art of Transformation

citrinelampRecently there has been trouble with my senses. I’m used to being sensitive but the volume has been turned up and some moments can be uncomfortable at best, almost intolerable at worst. (You’ve probably heard of a “man cave.” For a moment I was seriously thinking I needed a “woman cave” to escape to for the rest of my life.) Sensitives can become ultra sensitives, who knew?

First, normal noises were too loud. Next, certain artificial scents, especially perfume and fabric softener, were driving me more crazy. Being around certain people felt unbearable. But the final straw was a hanging lamp in my kitchen. Every time I walked underneath it, it was as if my crown chakra was being accosted by the light. It was uncomfortable enough that I had to walk around it. It was strange that the light wasn’t bothering my eyes. Who has heard of light bothering the crown chakra? I thought I should ask a wise empathic friend of mine about it.

“Change the lamp.” She said. Then she told me how she transforms, in her mind’s eye, undesirable things in life into roses for example. I thought about it, but wasn’t really in the mood yet to try it. Still in that uncomfortable zone, the magical energy needed for this just wasn’t there. When working in the kitchen, I would simply keep walking around the light. But soon later it was time. So I had my heart set on a nice new citrine crystal lamp in place of the kitchen lamp. (This also looks divine and magical, unlike the current light!) Citrine of course has wonderful properties and more of that positive energy would be great to be around, even if was “only” an etheric crystal. So gathering my magical ooommmph and visualization skills, I closed my eyes and visualized an amazing, brilliant huge citrine crystal lamp that glowed from the inside. (I still needed to see in the kitchen after all!). What a beautiful glow it was. It seemed to work at first, then later on I realized it didn’t hold. I still felt accosted. Man! This was a bit frustrating since it felt so uncomfortable. So I decided to really give it all I’ve got and I converted the frustration right into the will to make the citrine stay! Since then, no accosting of the crown. Yay! The implications of this success are exciting.

Another thing that became really obvious with the oversensitivity business is that I needed at times to turn my shielding techniques up a notch, or a few. This is what would happen on any typical day – I would wake up on the right side of the bed, drive to where I needed to go, then once I was around significant numbers of people, I suddenly felt bad – uncomfortable or sad or irritated, or whatever the people around were feeling – you name it. (Made me wonder if I really had woken up on the wrong side of the bed.)

If you can relate, at this point it is really important to immediately tune in to yourself. (This helps to prevent you from having a bad day that isn’t even yours in the first place. You simply decided to be a psychic sponge on some level). First, get grounded –  physically if possible, or by visualization. Next, I ask that all energy that is not mine to be returned to the owner (with love!). Then do a shielding technique. (Also consider pulling your aura in towards you if yours seems to like to wander around where maybe it shouldn’t like mine does). My favorite shielding technique (from Amorah Quan Yin) has always been to surround myself with white light, dip myself in true blue (looks like an egg shaped aura), then surround the true blue aura with the violet flame. If this works like a charm, then the energy/emotions you felt are very likely not yours. Then you can get on with your day like you had already done – on the right side of the bed. I have found this works like a charm more often than not. (If not, experiment with other techniques or types of shields). And if they don’t work that is okay too, we all have bad days. But no need to experience other people’s bad days if you don’t have to. 🙂

Also around this time, information about sensitivity just popped into my reality. Thank you universe! An article called Developing Positive Sensitivity talks about empathic people and how using Yarrow flower essence can help to set positive boundaries. Yes, for some reason us empathic peeps can have less than desirable energetic boundaries sometimes. Most of us humans probably do, we just don’t know what we are doing energetically until one day we do! For me, things got uncomfortable enough that I had to take action, like the universe was poking me in the ribs.

From the article:

“As Yarrow literally stops bleeding and “knits” the skin together, in the case of a sensitive person, it stops the bleeding/merging of the aura—into the surrounding emotional environment—and knits it back together.”

This brings up another good point. The uncomfortable feelings and emotions felt in the presence of certain other people is all about me, not them. I’ve seen where peeps sometimes believe it is about other people and their “negativity.” (We all have negativity so this makes me laugh). Why give your power away to that and do nothing about it? This is teaching me where I am being a psychic sponge and to cut it out for my own good. Immediately I got all types of Yarrow available, hahaha! (They are on Vitacost.com at great prices.) I’ve been using them for maybe a couple of months now but will need to take them longer. But so far so good. There have been improvements doing this and the shielding.

When you become ultra sensitive there may also be an expansion of psychic abilities. I noticed an increase in clairaudience, the ability to see energy, telepathy, overall “knowing” things, feeling things and energy, etc. I’ve also felt another increase in compassion and empathy towards others. While some of this may sound great, it is a process and something to adjust to. It isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. At least not at this point.

The success of my beautiful citrine crystal lamp now has me excited to experiment with other things regarding the magical art of transformation. What can less-than-desirable things be transformed into? Something fun? Something healing? Rainbows and unicorns? Could be. The sky seems to be the limit. More magical muscle to flex here, but I bet it is well worth it to practice!

6 thoughts on “A New Citrine Lamp: The Magical Art of Transformation

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  3. Thank you for your insights. I can relate to this post completely. I actually cook with the kitchen lights out and utilize the sun from the nearby window. : ) I love the image above, as it is magical. Oh, to have that as a “woman cave”.

    • Hi Pocahontas,
      Oh wow, yay, someone who can relate! I had searched online about *light bothering the crown chakra* and didn’t find anything. Figured this might be common among sensitives anyway.

      I love that you pointed out what a great “woman cave” the tree makes, totally had gone over my head. 🙂

    February 21, 2014 at 12:50 pm (Edit) Reply


  5. Love your clear and lovely communication. It resonates with me as I am also sensitive and very intuitive, and I have many of the same feelings as you. Loud noises, bright lights, negativity from others, perfumes, chemicals, etc…are all problematic.

    You would like another website: mumblechops.tumblr.com — another soul mate! It makes me smile and inspires me.

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