* Magical Perception *

magicalperceptionFor about two months or so I’ve been musing on magic and synchronicities after some hysterical synchronicities occurred that even blew me away. Luckily my mom was a witness to some of them or people would think they were unbelievable. It makes me think that we should never underestimate life and what is possible – a great thing to think about for the new year. The mind always wants to make sense of synchronicities, especially in the beginning, and although it can never know 100%, at least there are some things that can be intuited. How the synchronicities happen exactly who knows, but that is part of the mystery and magic of life. Some say synchronicity is a frequency you tap into. The reason this could very well be is that in the past there were times in my life where synchronicities were abundant, then later they slowed down (except for Tinkerbell stickers I would see quite a bit). Lately it has just been one after the other and the feeling of them being intertwined adds to the magic. For now, I’m going to put it out into the universe that more information about this comes to me for a later post.

Synchronicities are a part of, but not the only way to experience magical perception. It seems that synchronicities have different purposes.

  • Some show something to act upon
  • Some show something to learn
  • Some help for a decision that needs to be made
  • Some, like my first synchronicities, were nature related, ie. a totem animal or plant is working with me and to understand more about the animal or plant
  • Some are showing you in what direction your mission is unfolding
  • They all can be downright fun and mindblowing

Seeing life as magical is based on perception. We can shift our perception to see the magic in things if we wish. This begins with observing and listening; being present enough to catch the small things. In the past few months I’ve been aware that I act upon what I see in my mind’s eye. For example, I’ll be doing something when a clear picture pops up of something I need to do (if I choose of course). A small example of this is…When recently doing some new year’s cleaning I “saw” that it was time to go through some books. When doing this I found some paper lotus flowers that I forgot about. Sorting through the books I grabbed one in particular and when it opened, it was on a page about the lotus. Later that day while getting on a favorite flower essence site, the photo to click on to enter the site was a bottle of lotus flower essence. Three synchronicities in one day tells me something is going on with lotus! The meanings found online are just a starting point to explore. It seems other meanings may make themselves known as they can be unique to you.

Some believe that reaching a point of seemingly continuous synchronicity is a sign that you have reached a point in your evolution where “cleaning house” – physically, mentally and spiritually is finally paying off. When I look back before the synchronicities became so commonplace it could be this belief is truth. I noticed that:

(1) My heart was much more closed previously and now it is more open.

(2) Before I was more on the typical 3D roller coaster – good and bad days. Now my days are generally more even and happy. This makes sense because it is really hard to see signs and synchronicities when you are in a grubby mood.

(3) Before my health was less vibrant due to having had reversed polarity. Now the healing continues and will continue as long as I support it. If you feel “off” or just have low energy, you may not see the signs and synchronicities.

(4) I used to have to “do” something to have fun. Now life is just fun in general. Even “boring” things are fun with magical glasses on.

(5) “Spiritual” was something you did as in practice, like meditate, use crystals, do yoga etc. There was a disconnect in understanding that every act and every minute is spiritual because it did not feel like that at all. In the magical flow, everything and everyone is spiritual and everything is connected.

(6) Magical is not disconnected from the mundane. Yes, even muggles are magical!

(7) Before the indigo “warrioress” would rear her head to voice the horrors of life and how wrong they were (the typical indigo trap). Now, with a deeper understanding, you get that something will not exist on the outside if it isn’t a part of ourselves. The best way to shift out of the horrors is to remove it first within ourselves. How do you know you are shifting out of the horrors? When you hear of them, you are able to observe without getting sucked into the emotion of it. Getting sucked into the emotion means feeding the horror you wish not to see. Simply observing it is holding the space for other opportunities to evolve and to act with compassion and love for the healing of others instead of horror.

(8) I’ve always loved plants and animals, but wasn’t very drawn to what they represent and how they help us as totems, etc. Now it is quite apparent that so many of the signs and synchronicities come from nature since everything is nature! Being in tune with nature is a key element of magical perception.

Next post…how to get into the magic.

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