Open Your Heart to Open Your 3rd Eye

thirdeyeheartHere and there I hear of people wanting to know how to open their third eyes. Like many other things in life, there is no one way it happens. When it comes to matters of the third eye, logic is defied. Since it is a spiritual concept that requires experience not intellect, the mind needs to step aside. Consciousness knows when it is right for the third eye to open, for it is not something to take lightly. Things happen when you are ready and regarding the third eye, this is especially important. For some of the things the third eye reveals require solid grounding, cleared ego, cleared emotions, and cleared subconscious to handle them well. This is why I don’t believe in drugs that create this before one is ready (and I have no experience with them to even compare). There are just some things better left to divine timing and its intelligence. Third eye awakening is a responsibility if you intend to use it with impeccability.

Before my third eye opened (and it is still in a continuing process of expansion), I had done some energy clearing work that most likely helped. (I wasn’t trying to open it because I didn’t know this was even possible). Energy clearing work like qi gong, reiki, etc are great to get energy/consciousness moving! At that time I was also listening to Kelly Howell meditations (available on iTunes). A side benefit may be the third eye will be activated. However, during the process it was clear that clearing my heart and working on my heart center was a great way to accelerate expanding consciousness (although this is hard work, the rewards are worth it). At the time I just didn’t know this was what I was doing. Having a happy, clear heart is a wonderful foundation upon which to build.

My thoughts as to why the heart is so important (this is the physical heart and the heart chakra) is that the third eye reveals things to you that need heart energy = love. An open third eye is no good if one has a shrunken heart. Many of us, due to the harsh circumstances on Earth and being so sensitive, have had heart damage/closure to different degrees to protect ourselves. (Who could blame us? We came here like so many others with opened hearts, only to have situations and traumas close our hearts off.) However a shrunken heart is not a healing heart and can tend to judge or criticize others and you will not “see” the positive sides, especially with difficult people. Since the third eye creates a triangle with the two physical eyes, it unifies the polarities of the left and right brain, bringing awareness “upward” to have a higher perspective/see all perspectives/neutrality. The third eye helps healers (many of us are healers, but not in a traditional sense necessarily) to create the space for healing, even if you are not present. Just witnessing a situation, or reading about those involved and staying in a neutral state of mind, and feeling compassion, empathy and love for the situation opens up healing. (Whether or not those involved will accept the love/healing is up to them, but the offering is there for them.)

Heart centered practices
(A word about practices, any spiritual practice…At the beginning it seems we need practices to get where we want to go (love or gratitude practices, etc..), but the truth is at the core we already are love, gratitude, etc. just a lot of, or a little if we are lucky, junk may be surrounding us and getting in the way of its expression. Eventually there is no practice, it just is who we are.):

  • Listen to your heart everyday. Wake up and think of and feel things that expand your heart.
  • Work with rose quartz and wear it or other heart centered crystals near your heart.
  • An amazing, yet challenging way to work with the heart is to think of someone you have difficulty with (the more difficult the better!). Think of the situation with them and allow your heart energy to flow while visualizing them. This gets easier with time, but the blessing of those challenging people is to accelerate our spiritual growth and movement into unconditional love.
  • Make up heart exercises – send blessings to people you don’t know, visualize sending heart energy, etc. If people want or need to receive it, they will, if not, they won’t. Their higher selves are in charge.
  • Tap your thymus
  • In your day to day life, follow your heart if you so discern/desire

The Ego vs. Humbleness
There may be an aspect of third eye awakening ocurrring after you have healed negative ego programs (ie. belief in inferiority/superiority, pride, etc.) In my experience the third eye will work best from a humble heart. Coming from a not so humble country, lol, we are not necessarily taught to be humble. Many of us awakened souls may find ourselves in truly humbling circumstances in order to ground us so that our evolution may continue. This is a huge blessing although it may look and feel horrid at the time.

There may be an aspect of third eye awakening occurring when you have reached a level of impeccability, but I doubt this is a rule. Impeccability, which seems pretty rare these days, is embodying the qualities of an evolved soul as much as possible – truth, compassion, clarity, integrity, love, wisdom, discernment, etc. Or it may be that you become more impeccable as your third eye awakens since you see the importance of it.

Some sites mention that certain things may keep your third eye from awakening (ie. fluoride, etc.). My feeling is that nothing can override spirit or your higher self’s plan regarding the third eye. What is supposed to happen will. Consciousness is powerful and miraculous. Follow your guidance.

Signs that your third eye is opening:

  • Pressure, tingling, or tickling in the middle of your forehead, at times very strong
  • Seeing white lights or colored lights, or colored energy swirling, especially purple hues
  • Seeing geometric shapes
  • Seeing places, pictures, scenery or short movies, yet you do not know where it is
  • Seeing faces, animals, totems, angels, nature spirits, beings, spaceships, etc.
  • Seeing words
  • Crown chakra may also tingle

Pros and cons of an awakened third eye…

Deeper level of insight/wisdom/intuition
Deeper level of connection to spirit & creativity (having to create)
Balanced perspectives
“Seeing the light” as they say
Receive information
Seeing through agendas
Visualizations are just “there” you don’t try to visualize, although you can
Clairvoyance – “Seeing” the future based on the current situation

Seeing dark energy at times
Startled or feeling fearful if you are not expecting to see something
Not knowing what you saw
People may feel uncomfortable around you since they know you see right through them
Seeing all the ugliness that the light exposes
Not sure what the information you receive is about or what to do with it
Frustrations as to why others cannot see what you see (because it is seemingly obvious)
Others thinking you are crazy because of what you see! (Until it is revealed in another way)

The Responsibility

  • Discernment about who you can tell regarding what you “see” and what to reveal or not
  • Using empathy, love and compassion during difficult situations
  • Not taking sides – mediation
  • Putting your own ego and agenda/bias aside
  • Communicating from the heart and your intuition
  • Focusing on solutions, need be

Keep in mind third eye awakening is a process, not a destination. The process can take years. People have different gifts that surface when their third eye opens. I know of people who have surreal visions like looking into another dimension or others may not see anything, but just know something is present. I tend to see more words, animals and people and the occasional short movie. Regardless, our gifts help us to fulfill our missions in this lifetime. At first it may seem simply entertaining. I remember just gazing at the ceiling at night just watching, but quickly learned distraction is not what it is about!

To creating with our hearts and third eyes open!

2 thoughts on “Open Your Heart to Open Your 3rd Eye

  1. Hi
    Everything you have wrote about love and being open and understanding ‘ I get. Your words ring with what I’ve experienced these last 2 months I began to learn about energy healing 2 months ago then stumbled onto other healing techniques, when in the midst of having a raindrop technique applied to me (kinda like a massage but of the spine) I was relaxed and went into a trance where I had the sensation of falling,. Then colors began to swirl fast and created a tunnel like looking through a kalidescope at the end of this tunnel I saw the lady giving me the raindrop above looking down on the scene. Then I felt a bolt of lightning best way to describe run up from the soles of my feet to my head and the vision changed and in its place this vibrant,rippling, dancing color of purple took its place it was indescribable and I was still cautiously aware of Georgina working on me. Again another bolt like thread ran up me but something clicked in me like I knew the color was a doorway and it began to part and behind it was an eye!! The eye appeared sleepy like it was waking up from a deep sleep and suddenly snapped wide awake! And became aware I was watching it , how I knew this I can’t explain but it was very much aware and I became scared I did not know what I was experiencing! So I opened my eye’s ,. 2weeks after I experienced excruciating head aches pressure in and around my temples and I don’t usually get head aches , lucid dreaming , vortex everytimr I closed my eyes , which I felt a magnetic pull too,but resisted it. Did not know what was happening . But it’s been 2 months and I’m beginning to understand searching for people who understand this. I now know what charkras are and the third eye and I am very aware of the feeling between my eyes and slightly above it always tingles and feels heavy most times.
    Any advice?
    Please and thank u

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks so much for commenting. Wow, yes, these things can be a bit intimidating at the beginning when we don’t have a frame of reference for what we are experiencing! I too didn’t and still don’t really know a lot of people this has happened to. At the time I started seeing visions and words, a friend of mine had been doing a lot of meditation (but didn’t have visions). When I asked her about it, she said to maybe find someone who can help with the visions, like a visionary mentor, but I never found anyone.

    I have also had the visions scare me although there was nothing to be scared of, it was just surprising. One night I woke up during a dream where I was running really fast and suddenly I saw Archangel Michael above me and Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl ( in the corner of the room. I was in Mexico at the time had visited San Miguel de Allende and the town is full of Archangel Michael art and energy. But my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t enjoy the experience at all.

    A few things that come to mind that may help is to be sure you ground yourself when necessary. Grounding to the Earth is like having a strong foundation. That strong foundation can build up to each of your chakras so that each one is a foundation to the next higher chakra so that you’re centered as best you can for the visions. (Grounding to the Earth also helps protect you and dispel negative energy.) Being centered is best because it may help you to not have an emotional reaction to the visions and remain neutral, like an observer. It sounds like you have been able to do this already. Consider using grounding crystals like hematite (

    At the beginning it does not feel like you are in control of the visions, they are just happening. But you can be a bit more ‘in charge’ so to speak. For example, if you want to get to sleep and don’t want to see them, see if you can visualize your third eye going to sleep too. I haven’t had any visions so intrusive that I don’t want them, but this came to mind to mention. Likewise if you feel like you want to practice seeing them then you can visualize your third eye opening.

    As time goes on, you may be able to discern the visions better. For example, pay attention to how you feel when you see them. If you are well grounded and centered, you may notice the visions ‘feel right’ or positive or expansive. Occasionally I have one that does not feel right and then I’ll do clearing work on myself and the room/area – mostly white light visualizations and putting roses in my aura.

    It might be fun to write down your third eye adventures too. Sometimes more comes out as you write and great ideas and insights hit you.

    I hope this helps you! Let me know if I missed anything! 🙂

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