The Double Edged Sword of Truth

swordoftruthThese days, life in general is short on truth. The lie is so ingrained that most don’t even see it and it is believed the lie is the truth. It permeates our lives like the life force energy our bodies. Some have had hints that something isn’t right, but most live the lie as it is far easier for them to live it than make waves. For some of us the lie becomes impossible to live and we slowly but surely take steps toward that truth, whatever it means to us. And there are individuals who have reached into the depths of themselves and brought forth ultimate truth to live their lives. They are the few to be admired, the way showers for the rest of us.

Within each person who allows it to come forth, is a sword of truth. You may recognize the sword, as it shows up sometimes during conversations, like with friends, at work, or at home. It could be that someone has said something about how you “should” be or what you “should” do. You correct them about what your truth is. Or they speak of plans or ideas (that involve you of course) that are not grounded, or even illusions in the news. Your mind’s eye fast forwards to the future and sees a better way. Then you find yourself saying or blurting out things welcome and not, but based on truth from the depth of your insight. At that very moment, the sword may cut away their illusions; or it can make them upset or angry – thus the double edged sword of truth.

Individually, truth is important because it directly translates into the quality and meaningfulness of our lives. It directly impacts our happiness. It directly impacts personal reputation. It directly impacts trustworthiness. It directly impacts our success. Most importantly, it directly impacts our spiritual integrity. It impacts so many aspects that if most people really understood just how important it was, they too would be “truth seekers.” Truth cuts to the chase. It makes things easier, harmonious, joyful, balanced and healthier. Living the lie has a high cost – lack of flow, personal stagnation, problems with others, lack of healing, etc.

Some say however, that the quest for truth is a spiritual one, guided by your higher self and spirit. Thus those living the truth, or those living the lie have not consciously chosen to be where they are necessarily, it is a “higher” decision so to speak. It seems so, because it wasn’t until unbeknownst to me, that the sword of truth, my higher self, and spirit cut away some of my illusions so that I could even understand what it meant in the first place. Looking back, it would have been great to be able to see my illusions beforehand, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to be able to see them first which is no easy feat. By that time, enough of them have been removed to see the others still hanging on for dear life. Sometimes the sword of truth requires a rebirth of self (or several!); which can be uncomfortable at first until you are used to a new, truer you.

The sword of truth is a double edged one, for it while it radiates truth, cuts away illusion and protects; the truth can hurt those who have decided the illusion is a comfortable place to be. Some prefer to cling to the illusion than watch what they believed was themselves slip away forever. While the sword can cut away that which is not wanted, it can also wound someone if not used with care. Those around you who enjoy truth of all types will appreciate and reward you for it – for truth = trust.

For those on the spiritual quest, truth permeates from our souls and must be expressed in our physical lives. Little by little illusions that have ensnared us individually are cut away by the sword of truth. As the work is done individually, it affects the collective and allows others ensnared by the illusions to also set themselves free should they wish.

Take your sword of truth with honor and treat it with respect, for it is a great responsibility to hold. Use it wisely and let it shine brightly and guide you on your path.


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