Release, Release, and Watch the Magic Unfold!

release2For years now I have been humbled by the magic of ho’oponopono and how it (and spirit) have shifted my life and shifted outcomes in ways I never imagined. One small, yet significant example happened one day at work while helping a customer on the phone who was absolutely upset and frustrated and let me know it bigtime! If you have ever dealt with an upset person, you know that “uh oh, this isn’t pretty” feeling you get. At that moment there is a decision to be made: get sucked into the emotion too or maintain your cool. This can be tough if things get personal! I immediately started heartfelt ho’oponopono (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) and sent her heartfelt gratitude as I heard her out, keeping my cool. Once the issue was solved she did a complete 360 and said how much she loved us. I could hardly believe my ears as usually customers appreciate the help, but not to the degree she expressed. Wow! I love win-win situations. I can’t explain how ho’oponopono works, just that the proof is in the result.

The great lesson here is to understand that you are the point of power and have the ability to directly influence the outcome to be negative or positive. If you are able to send positivity to a negative situation as hard as it sounds, the situation can be neutralized and shifted to a higher outcome many times. This technique can be used on yourself, among situations with friends and family, with situations you witness, the news, anything seemingly “negative.”

Recently, much to my wonder, I discovered another technique that is also working like magic – the Release Technique by Larry Crane. It is one of those amazing tools I had forgotten about and discovered on my iPod when I needed it most. Again, at work we had a “situation” (which really means training wheels for mastery!). Without going into the details of it, there was much frustration at work you could say and I was frustrated too. It was one of those days where you could pull your hair out. On the way home I glanced at my iPod and there it was – Ridding Yourself of Anger and Frustration by Larry Crane, YES! (Available on iTunes for under $9 and worth every penny). I listened to get a refresh. I did what Larry said. And wouldn’t you know, just as he said, “Watch for yourself how things will change.” Like magic they did. Overnight. When I went in the next day, the situation had shifted. I realized another lesson is – my own anger and frustration is contributing to this situation. I cleared mine and it helped the collective environment at work to not only get out of the negative feelings, but to actually be in really high spirits, myself too. Amazing!

Sometimes energy is just “there” and needs to be cleared out. No one’s fault, it just is, and can bounce off of one person to another until it leaves.

While ho’oponopono works in a general fashion (you are clearing with no specific attachment to an outcome), the Release Technique feels much more specific to whatever you would like to clear. Both can bring a sense of happiness and well being, but lately I’m finding the Release Technique really uproots and releases a specific emotion with ease. Immediately there is more calm and clarity. I use it whenever I feel something come up regardless of the source.

At this time with so much shifting around us, surprises, news, etc., there has been high collective anxiety you could say. Sensitives are feeling it in a big way as we are all connected. We send our emotions, positive or negative, out into the collective emotional soup, and sometimes we receive emotions that are not ours. When I feel the wave of the collective anxiety or otherwise, I sit for a moment, and say “I now release all energy and emotions that are not mine, I surround them with love.” I visualize those who had the anxiety surrounded with love, and you have to feeeeeeeel it too. This should neutralize the energy so it will no longer be in a negative state and will be a collective healing if they choose to receive it. I have seen other healers mentioning to release energy back to their owners, but without transforming it. This seems that the energy is still less-than-love floating out there or back to the person. Would you knowingly give someone their anxiety back when you know it is a bad feeling? I wouldn’t. Transform it first with your heart energy for all the world to feel. (If doing this doesn’t work, do the Release Technique, as it could be yours, not others’ energy or more stuck in your energy field.)

(*The Release Technique can be used for all sorts of emotions. If you get the mp3, just fill in whatever you would like to clear in place of frustration or anger…or use your imagination on what you would like to release. The sky is the limit! Larry’s down-to-earth, no BS approach is refreshing to those of us who are results oriented and use that as the measure if something works or not. And although Larry has that no BS approach, he gets in the end all everyone is looking for in life is LOVE .) ♥

© 2013


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