The Brand Spanking New Energy of 2013

2013energyWow, how can it almost be August? Time sure continues to warp reminding us that it is not linear as we have imagined. But time isn’t the only thing warping and shape shifting into something else. Actually, many of us are shape shifting into our new true selves even more and in unexpected ways. This is how you truly from know from experience (not know from being told) that we are not in control, but something greater than ourselves is. Sure, we may make choices and our ego will whisper in our ear time and time again that we ARE in control, but ultimately along the way, something happens that makes us finally wake up and really get  that there is more to the story! At that time there may be a surrendering (or a few!) to this part of life that is greater than ourselves, so we may get on with our lives in a new way – by living closer and closer to truth. The quality of our lives is only as good as the truth it has been built upon. There is a relief with surrender (yes, it is stress relieving too!) as we have a knowing all is in divine order.

Many are feeling an intense process as we “come online” even more. We are clearing out our physical closets as well as the closets of our belief systems. As the true colors emerge, we have to remain flexible and grounded on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – in order to allow our true colors to emerge as much as possible. That is the point! This means letting go, which seems to be getting easier and easier. It is always a great reminder to consider everything, believe nothing. The word belief, contains the word “lie” in the middle. Seek to be as close to truth as possible, even though on this plane I’m not sure how close we can get. But with truth to ourselves in our minds, hearts, spirits and BS detectors (all must be in alignment) we can’t stray too far into illusion any longer. 🙂

The Shift’s Significance – What the energy of 2013 has been revealing to us…and I must say the shift is ON!

A shift from looking outward to looking inward for information intensifies. We are being shown through various media lessons to decrease our need to look outward for information and increase our ability to tune in to ourselves. The light is shining so brightly that the lies are glaring through and sources are cracking. Information outside of ourselves may be out of integrity with our truth or truth in general. Sometimes it is necessary to get information from outside sources, but all information must be vetted through our own BS detectors in order to be accepted. Accepting what your ego wants to hear instead of truth is not part of the new energy. Lies have so little space to hide away now. Listen and exercise your BS detector! Our left-brained, linear, studious sides continue to crack as the truth of our intuition emerges.

Linear Time Shifts, Bringing Us More Into “the Now”
At some point in the last few months (with time speeding, slowing, warping all at the same time it is getting hard to remember when things happened in the past) the word “vertical” kept coming into my mind over and over again. As one who was aware of living in the future most of my days on this planet, a shift to living in the now has been a welcomed change and relief. If linear time is a horizontal line, the now is now seemlingly vertical. Instead of looking back at the past, or ahead at the future, we are being oriented to live in the eternal now and reach upward. If you picture yourself grounded to the Earth, and reaching for the stars (figuratively and literally), it is this sort of vertical that is being felt – an alignment that intuitively could be all chakras coming online as well as a stronger union with your higher self. (As mentioned in a previous post, living in the now/present you notice a divine, magical presence.) We are able to live more in the now moment if we wish. We are noticing plans are not working or change, or that we are being moved into other possibilities. Will a past or future as we know it even be necessary?

Unity consciousness intensifies. Everything is unified on an energetic level and this shift means beliefs based on separation (illusion) will be challenged. For example, the law of attraction implies separation. Separation is old belief.

Another key element of the new energy is the old tools/beliefs will increasingly not work. We will need to be prepared for obsolete beliefs and their upgrades. It is best to detach from them and allow them to just “be” and not over-identify with them. This allows a personal shift to occur and a letting go if necessary instead of trying to grab the coat-tails of the old energy as it walks out the door.

How this key element made itself known to me was that signs, situations, things, etc would just pop into my reality – better than expected. No intention, no affirmations, no visualizations, no exercises, no mind games necessary! What a relief. That is also when you realize you (ego you) is not in control because you could not have been able to be so clever! Instead we simply live what is in alignment with us (and the more consciousness we “are” the better this can get for us) and let the magic roll…

Nothing Is “Out There”
All around people continue to project their perceptions/ego viewpoints (aka illusions) onto others – “others” are dark, “the dark” is controlling us, people need to be “rescued,” “taught” etc. Interestingly, I’ve noticed this false belief has been failing this year. This may force those ready to look in the mirror to take care of their own shadow-side first. It’s all an “inside job” although we may not be able to connect the dots as to why. Oprah once said, “You spot it, you got it.” An update to that quote would be “You spot it, you got it, now transmute it.” If we do rescue/teach/etc. it is a co-creation, not forced on others.

Is It “A” or “B”… or All the Above?
Polarized thinking of “A” or “B” is slipping away as we integrate polarity into wholeness. Without going into boring details, it seems that information that may not be true, is true when all the information is available to analyze. If not all the information is available, something looks like a lie when it is not. It is simply missing the connection to the other parts and how it relates to the whole.

Shape Shifting (Changing How You View Something)
When many of us first awaken, we suddenly have a whole new world to explore. We don’t recognize our old selves any longer as we get used to our new selves. Along with that is “what am I supposed to be doing here?” We gain new knowledge and energy and think we may need to switch jobs or make a career change and some do. However something unexpected has happened this year. Instead of thinking you will be looking for that new job somewhere or making that career change, your job may be changing around you (because of you and your alignment) to allow you to ground more authenticity and new energy into it. If you are still in a job “in the system.” You may be there to change it.

Awareness and purging of co-dependency on all levels – in relationships, guidance from outside sources, even our own sustenance like food and water. Who or what are you dependent upon for your ability to thrive? Is there room to consider less dependent alternatives? If you have any insights/signs into unexpected events, are you listening to them and taking action?

Other Shifts Occurring:

  • Increased neutrality as the craziness seems to intensify – staying out of the drama vortex and engaging in what you LOVE!
  • “Rising above it” literally.
  • Everything that happens in your life is getting you to where you(r) (spirit) wants to go – the good, the bad and the ugly. They all merge into soul enriching experiences that move us down the path we chose for ourselves.
  • The guru and channeling paradigms are crumbling as we come online and trust our own divine knowing. Many are not channeling who they think they are. Yet clear ones do exist!
  • New energy means to expect the unexpected. Are you listening? ♥

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