In Search of the (True) Eternal Buzz

eternalbuzzRemember that bumpersticker? While driving down the highway I would chuckle with amusement thinking, “Wouldn’t that be great?!” Buzz is a really common word as you know to describe that “I feel sooo great with my head in the clouds and don’t have a care in the world” feeling the buzz from alcohol or some other drug gives you. The only problem is, and it is a big one, that buzz never lasts. Damn. You wake up the next day and the clouds are there, but they are dark instead of fluffy white. You’re on a roller coaster, uh oh. The buzz wasn’t built on a solid foundation. It came from the outside in, not the inside out. Finding the true eternal buzz inside yourself is a total possibility and a choice. To me it is raising your vibration up to the level of joy, being happy for no reason, or so it seems anyway.

Dreams of Another Time and Place
Many of us “sensitive types” have enjoyed the relaxation, giddiness, etc. that comes from kicking back while having a couple of drinks. It brings back memories of being in another time and place (crystal healing chambers and secret forests come to mind!) where the energy was magical and more joyful than it is here on Earth. (Who could blame anyone for having a few drinks to escape the craziness!) But what are people trying to achieve when they drink? If it isn’t feeling better than before you took the drink, then I’m not sure what the point is. However, what seems to happen to some who search for the eternal buzz in the bottom of a shot glass is, in a sense, they might get shot – physically, emotionally, spiritually. It is also quite possible that a few innocent drinks are really obstructing the path to the eternal buzz that is being sought. This is important to discern for yourself since everyone is different. It is also good to be aware of if the true you or the alcohol talking when you discern. They don’t call alcohol “spirits” for nothing. It does have a voice and it usually is not whispering love and light into your ear. Still much can be learned by souls who wish to use alcohol as a way to accomplish lessons in this lifetime (my hand is raised).

Rising Above the Vibration of Alcohol
Within the last year I noticed when I drank a glass of wine it would no longer make me feel like it did in that past. Instead of feeling more relaxed and carefree, it began to have the opposite effect. I was more high naturally and feeling so good that the wine was dragging me down big time. Basically having a drink meant going straight to the hangover and skipping over the fun and relaxation. In other words I started to get jipped. However this felt like a shift of some sort, an indicator that my vibration had gotten much higher. Soon enough, having a glass of wine just disappeared from my reality altogether without a second thought. There was no point in drinking alcohol anymore. There were clues that this was coming…a friend who this happened to a few years ago, websites talking about how alcohol interferes with your ability to receive higher consciousness, it can block your psychic gifts, etc. It does seem plain logical that if you want to raise your vibration to reach as high as you can in this lifetime, a depressant really may not be the way to go!

The great news is that even though collectively the Earth is not at the vibration of joy, you can be.

What the Eternal Buzz Could Be (and what it is not)
The eternal buzz may be different for everyone, but it may include being happy, joyful, energized, grateful, and peaceful. Joy, gratitude and peace are states (vibrations) available to all who wish to open up to them. They are not fleeting emotions to be sought. However, the eternal buzz does not mean being “blissed out” to the point that you cannot function in day to day modern society! (unless that is your true desire). But for those of us who need to function in this reality, it is feeling the best you can as much as you can. When you feel the best you can, that is a true blessing. It will help you to manifest better things in your life. The eternal buzz is a journey, not a goal and may take work and discipline.

My experience has been that the eternal buzz is available when your body, mind and spirit are in alignment. How to get all three in alignment is an intuitive process unique to you. Or you may already be in alignment. I knew I was not and so I followed my intuition about what to do to get into alignment. More on that in future posts!

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