Building Bridges of the Energy Kind

buildingbridgesThe word ‘bridge’ seems to pop up more and more lately. I hear certain people, especially authors and teachers mention how they are a ‘bridge’ for information for example. They are researching and discovering lost secrets, treasures of forgotten knowledge, and nuggets of wisdom that had been long buried and forgotten. Their work is to bring these back to a wider audience. Without their hard work, there is knowledge that we may have missed otherwise that ended up being pivotal to our lives. People who are bridges are changing the world.

Understanding how someone is a bridge for information is a basic explanation of a powerful concept. To take it a bit further, information is just energy. In order to change something, the first thing that has to change is what we do with the available energy/information. By bringing in new energy/information, new realities can be anchored, to later be manifested in the physical. Nothing is able to be created without the foundation of the energy/spirit/consciousness first. Here is an obvious (and ridiculous) example. Cave men did not have iPhones because the energy foundation required to create an iPhone did not exist at that time. At any given time in history, we are living in the energy that is available, therefore our creations are a reflection of that available energy. (And right now the available energy is changing quickly! The energy is full of magic, wonder and unlimited possibilities!)

To discover is just to “uncover something that is already there; it has existed, yet it was unknown.”*

What is fascinating to discover is – how are you a bridge? What are you bridging to those around you?

The energetic bridges that you may be building:

  • New possibilities and realities of all sorts – in health, communication, art, tech, business – approach to life in general
  • Bridging nationalities, cultures, religions, etc. – examples: living or working in two countries, marrying someone from another culture or religion, friends of other cultures, learning languages – in the highest sense these work towards unity
  • Walking between worlds – one foot in 3D, another in 5D – forming a bridge between the dimensions – this creates new options when the 3D no longer works
  • Bridging between male and female and sexual orientation – healing the rifts & working towards unity
  • Bridging “dark and light” – “polarity integrators” who understand the value of each and the illusion of each and detach from the negative judgment on dark – ultimately this moves us toward a world of wholeness
  • Bridging “spiritual” concepts (for lack of a better word) – understanding that the mundane is magic, the magic is not necessarily out there somewhere, but comes from our natural state of being in the flow
  • Bridging multidimensional concepts – accessing information from our higher selves, guides, etc. and tuning into and learning from spirit of all things
  • Bridging the concept of living in harmony with the planet, sustainability, etc.
  • Bridging by communicating with animals
  • Living with love, compassion and gratitude – living in this way can change the world around you – anchoring these and becoming these allows the possibility of others who decide, to do the same
  • There are bridges to things that we can’t even imagine since they are things not able to be comprehended by our conscious selves.
  • Fill in the blank!

Many energetic bridges built are simply helping to reintegrate connections that have been lost, buried, and forgotten just like the information has. Restoring them brings us more possibilities, greater awareness, fantastic connections, and a magical life. In their ultimate manifestation, the energetic bridges will give way to living the new “extraordinary” reality little by little then more and more. An extraordinary reality isn’t, it is just that it appears to be that way (unattainable) from a certain angle of perception. In that is where the magic lies – to change your world the quickest way, requires only a simple change of perception, nothing more. And that can happen in the blink of an eye if you let it. ♥

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