Who are YOU?!

whoareuOf course in truth you are a divine spark, but right here, right now, what are you about? What insights can help you understand yourself just a tad bit better? Do you feel like you came here on a mission but not so sure of the path? Maybe the ideas below will connect some dots or be a piece of the puzzle, but at the very least they can be fun to explore. Some might be quite revealing so don’t be surprised!

1. What’s your name about? Start researching your first name. You may be awed to find out how your name relates to you. But do some digging, don’t just settle for the superficial baby name websites. If your name has an old version, look that name up too. In my case the old version was even more revealing. (For my birth name, Jennifer, it is the modern version of Guinevere or Gwenhwyfar which means “white fay (fairy),” “white magic,” or “white ghost.”  Use your intuition to figure out your name as well. For instance I do not see “white” meaning the color white, but as meaning having “good intentions.” For example, white magic versus black magic.)

2. What is your moon sign? We are all familiar with our sun signs, but what about our moon signs? The moon sign is where the moon was on the zodiac when you were born. It reveals your inner self. This site does a good job, just remember when filling out the form, the birthday comes first, not the month. Calculate your moon sign.

3. What is your rising sign? The rising sign they say, is about your personality and the way others see you. Find out your rising sign.

4. What is your Native American animal sign? This one is also quite revealing. Looking up family as well may lead to some good laughs! Find your sign.

5. What tarot card were you born under (tarot birth card)? This is fun to explore. Personally I’m not into tarot cards (oracle cards seem to be attracted to me) but a trusted friend insisted on this one. There is value in knowing this and I found it to be quite in alignment with my path. Find out your card.

6. The Secret Language of Birthdays – Personality profile based on your date of birth.


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