Make Your 2013 A Year of Magic!

magic2013Another year. More of the same? Not if you tap into the magic! Remember all the magical movies you loved as a kid (or maybe still do)? Why is it that we are watching the magic, thinking it is fiction, when in reality we can create magic for ourselves? Maybe at this point, we can’t fly off on a broomstick like Harry Potter or manifest everything instantaneously but we can begin to explore the wonder, sprinkle ourselves with fairy dust just for fun, and allow the magic to unfold before our eyes.

Last fall, unbeknownst to me, I seemed to come under a magical energy that is so fun to experience, but maybe not so easy to explain. My dear cat went into a health crisis and anyone who has experienced a crisis knows that with that comes a redefinition of priorities. Only helping my cat and making all his kitty wishes come true mattered, and in that, I became very present. It was now, now, now – in other words forget tomorrow and forget yesterday. Being in the present, brings presence, a magical presence at that. I had heard over and over from a guru here or a master there to “stay in the present, that is the point of power.” OK, but that didn’t even sound like fun anyway so why bother? Besides, the future is usually where I dwell. But no one bothered to mention that it is magical and joyful so that is why it is so great be in the present. Now some of this magic may have come from my cat himself. They are known for being magical and mysterious creatures and he did demonstrate his magic to me several times just to prove it, but that is for another post. In the end, my cat’s crisis unfortunately did lead to his crossing over, but not before he helped me learn the meaning of living in the present. After all, animals are masters of presence (actually animals are masters, period!)

In Sync With Synchronicities
After my cat died, there started to be so many eye-popping, eye-brow-raising signs and synchronicities in my life around my cat, plants, my own true nature, you name it. Every time I turned around a new synchronicity was in my life. I think those close to me were starting to wonder what was going on and “what was in my Wheaties.” And many of the signs and synchronicities were full of humor – gut-cramping, tear-jerking humor (the best kind). The synchronicities have gotten so out of hand, I can’t remember all the details to write them down. It feels like one enormous synchronicity is being dreamwoven.

The last time I experienced this type of out-of-control hysterical magic was after an adult indigo “Point of Essence” session. After that session Tinkerbell consistently appeared where ever I went – on bumper stickers especially. It was clockwork. I knew Tinkerbell would appear almost everyday. My husband even was shocked after a Tinkerbell sticker randomly showed up in a package of stickers he had ordered for work. When he opened the package, there among the plain ol’ boring stickers was a freebie from an ebay seller –  the pixie herself! I was beside myself with wonder and amazement. My husband thought I had done something to get that sticker in that package for sure. It’s the universe’s fault, don’t look at me!

Unfortunately the Point of Essense session did not “stick” completely (Tinkerbell still would appear regularly but the magic was not 100%). My guess is that at the time I was reversed in my polarity and healing may not stick under those circumstances they say. Now, no longer reversed, I’ll be damned. The magic has stuck around for months. I’ve heard that my experience is quite common – after becoming unreversed, you step into your own magic, your own true nature.

To Create Magic In Your Life, Stay Present
Shortly there after I stumbled across information that when you become present, you open your life to magic. Uhhh, yeah! About time that information found me and I found it. (Isn’t it strange to find it right as it is learned.) Anyway, the present is where you notice your own magical signs to follow. Your own – no one else’s. The key is to pay attention to your signs! You may not see Tinkerbell everywhere or have plants you’ve never noticed suddenly be here and there and everywhere, but what you will find are your signs. The signs that mean something to you because you are creating your own magic. You are discovering your magic. Can it get any better than that?

Things That May Help To Stay Present and Find Your Magic

  • Practice presence: Focus on your heart to center you.
  • Take deep breaths and pause through out the day.
  • Pay attention to your senses and what is going on around you. Literally “smell the roses.” Listen to sounds around you. Listen to your body.
  • Listen to what is going on in your mind – thoughts, songs, etc.
  • Go with the flow – if something pops in mind, consider doing it even if it wasn’t planned
  • Nothing is “just your imagination.” The imagination is the key, but we’ve been told to discount it.
  • Write down anything you feel motivated to.
  • Take note of your dreams and notice any signs.
  • Pay attention!

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