Reform: Transforming Education Into Empowerment

Somewhere along the way as we have the wool removed from our 3 eyes, we realize that we were a bit duped in our schooling and/or “higher education.”As we begin to ask questions and seek answers to things we did not learn in traditional school, we open up a whole new universe of understanding. At the same time we start to question what we learned in the past. What was our education all about? Some of that education was preparing us to either be something someone else wanted us to be, fulfill the dreams of others (especially if you are an employee), or fit into the norm of what was acceptable (where was the campus shaman or metaphysician?). Of course there are plenty of pluses to walk away with. Some of it has served us well (especially in our sleepwalking stage) and we may be using it day to day even now. And it could be that some of it has been at least foundational in creating a springboard to our upcoming missions. But for me, it has definitely shown me what learning should not be. There are some glaring omissions to this education too (unless you happened to be part of some secret society): lots of missing information, mis-information, outright lies, and the empowerment factor. So if you felt bored and unfulfilled at school, great! We have to be able to identify it’s shortcomings to create something better.

Definition of education: The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university (source: google)

Hmmm…words to look out for: systematic instruction. Woah, does that sound fun, joyful, and exhilarating? Not really. It sounds downright horrible, sometimes unbearable. Education is “this is what you will learn, and now repeat it back to me.” Education’s point of power is external to you. Generally, education is unknowingly trying to push millions and millions of unique souls into a box. It is based on complying with what you are told “is,” not exploring individual expression or expansion or your personal view of reality.

So why is everyone saying that education is the key? Heck if I know, maybe because that is all they know and all they have heard? Clearly, we are witnessing how schooling and intellectualism have failed collectively. In the past 100 years of education, we are able to see with our own eyes the results all around us: the pillaging and toxification of the Earth, an economy based on greed, not wellbeing, millions in poverty just trying to survive, political systems not serving their people. Clearly, education has not solved any pressing problem and it never will. Education wasn’t designed to solve problems, it was designed to function in the slower consciousness where problems are created. Education is based on the third chakra of power (3D reality): compete with others, try to be somebody (sometimes even by stepping on them), and one day you too will be a success! Oh man, we have some work to do. Education is based partly on false power (the phony power you can’t take with you when you die, for example, the power suit, hahaha!). Education feeds into the materialism machine, it doesn’t necessarily feed into fulfillment or enriching the soul overall. Some education may be interesting of course and there are certain basic things we need to learn, but it feels like it is missing something because it really is. It is missing the fact that everything is energy.

Definition of empowerment: to promote the self-actualization or influence of (source Merriam-Webster. It is harder to find a decent definition of empowerment, as many definitions relate to 3D power only. It seems this word has not filtered down into mainstream yet).

Empowerment (which is true power, not false power) is bringing back the magic into our lives. It allows us to expand upon the idea of education and take it to another level. Empowerment’s point of power originates in us. Empowerment is based on higher information and is truly “higher education.”  Empowerment means we are using the higher chakras  –  (heart, throat, third eye, and crown) to take in information or to access information. It means we have access to our intuition to create your reality, and do not have to create reality based on someone else’s or even a system’s reality. Empowerment is based upon the fact that everything is energy.

Higher information that is being accessed in all subjects – for example –
physics ~ metaphysics
geometry ~ sacred geometry
science ~ holy science
language ~ Light Language (where you learn from the light of the teacher’s aura – We probably do this type of exchange on some level with others unconsciously already.)
dumbed down history ~ true planetary history

Then there are newer (not really, but to us) or resurfacing subjects like working with energy techniques and energy healing, as well as distance healing. I’ve heard that mathematics in its higher form is like an art form, but then again, all of these subjects feel that way! But empowerment is without limit, so even to define subjects like this is somewhat incorrect, but you get my drift. And actually as the higher aspects of different subjects emerge, they also seem to merge together and move toward unity.

Empowerment levels the playing field. Everyone can access empowerment, but not everyone can access Harvard (why would you want to anyway?) or even a college education. There is no hierarchy with empowerment, no ladder to climb except the one you may or may not have visualized for yourself. Although you may have teachers, they understand the amazing uniqueness of a soul and allow room for soul purpose and evolution. Competition is nonexistent because it doesn’t really matter what others are doing. You are doing what you love to do.

I imagine that some day mainstream education could look a bit like a Harry Potter movie, in the sense of learning things that seem magical today. This is already happening, albeit through online schools that teach you how to work with energy for example. There can be no boredom since following boredom leads to a boring life. Recently my mom told me that in Martha Beck’s recent book, she says “Everyone needs a Merlin.” Now that sounds like fun! When I envision the perfect way to learn, it has to be exciting and exhilarating. It has to be in an inspirational setting, not in some four walled box. It has to be in alignment with your soul mission and life color. Ultimately it is about you learning about you and how you create with the universe, not you learning about you according to someone else’s view of the universe. ♥

© 2012

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