Chakras: Our Body’s 7 Eyes

Some people believe they only see with two eyes, others believe they see with 3, but how and what you see with your physical eyes is dependent upon how many of your chakras are activated. The three lower chakras are sometimes called “animal chakras” (this may be an insult to some animals btw), because the job of these chakras is to work with slower, more mundane energies of earthly life – chakra 1 (root – red): survival, chakra 2 (sacral – orange): feeling, and chakra 3 (solar plexus – yellow): power.

Being that the lower chakras correspond to slower light waves on the color spectrum, people with only these centers activated are only working within this range of energy and information (consciousness). Therefore, they only interface with the universe with these three chakra “eyes” open. Other chakras may or may not be open to various degrees, but overall humanity has not activated all. It is easy then to see how our world has turned out the way it has. Most of humanity is operating from only three. Without the higher chakras opened, we have been creating a reality based on partial information. The good news is we are moving out of that, sooner than later I hope!

The next chakra on the totem pole to be activated is chakra 4 (heart ♥ – green): love. Everyone loves to some degree. “I love my family.” “I love my cat.” But that type of love is a gateway starting point of what this chakra is all about. Family and pets have a role sometimes to help us open our hearts (we have to start somewhere exercising this chakra). But the goal is to open it to greater love  – the love of self and all humanity. Once this chakra is open and balanced then you “see” with your heart and you become love. After that, you are never the same. Heart will come before power, in other words power is no longer the goal unless it has integrated with heart. You realize how other things have been a replacement for lack of love. This is where I understand humanity is right now – trying to integrate heart into everyday reality. You can see this in advertising campaigns at stores or stores who advertise “they care about their employees” (like Container Store or Kohl’s for example). Some of this may be a bit of lip service, so listen to your discernment/guidance (not that these two companies are giving lip service, but you know how it goes in the corporate world – once one jumps on the bandwagon others will feel the need to compete, which is not heart, but solar plexus energy. I won’t be donating to/falling for heartfelt causes at grocery stores anytime soon though). The fact we even see more heart centered campaigns in stores may be a sign things are at least moving in the right direction. Overall then for this chakra, we see that a connection of the green ray to the heart chakra brings in more information to be able to “see” with love, therefore balancing out our experience and making it more meaningful. This is a huge accomplishment!

Chakra 5 (throat – blue): speaking your truth. This is no easy feat! Speaking it is important so that you can live it. But you have to “see” it and “know” it before you can speak it. Once you find your voice, it may be easier to “see” your truth too. Once your throat chakra is activated, you are able to speak your truth with heart. If you speak your truth to another who does not have their throat chakra activated, they may not “get it” or may not want to get it because that means they will have to change.

Next in line is chakra 6 (third eye – indigo): intuition and vision. This eye allows us to work for the highest good of all, not just for our own good. It imparts vision to “see” what is coming or to visualize a more harmonious reality. Once the indigo ray is really connected to the third eye, polarity integration (understanding that things are not only dark and light) may begin. This is a huge step in “deconstructing” what you thought was true and finding out truth. It would make sense that you would need a sense of your own truth (chakra 5) before knowing greater universal truth. Those unable to “see” (in more ways than one) with this chakra are missing important parts of reality (thus, third eye blind).

Chakra 7 (crown – violet): knowingness. Once this chakra is active with the violet ray, you receive knowledge from outside sources. You aren’t sure how you “just know.” You “see” a greater knowledge than what has been presented to you in life and seek and demand higher knowledge.

It is amazing to “see” how activating the higher chakras changes what you see with your physical eyes. What is truth then? On one level they are all truth to the person doing the seeing (personal truth), but from a higher perspective it feels like the more chakras activated, the greater or higher the truth (universal truth). But we have a whole bunch more chakras that are part of our energy bodies, so the truth keeps getting even more greater and higher. ♥

© 2012


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