Peace of “I”: International Day of Peace

Peace of “I” is my favorite ho’oponopono phrase. I say it to myself all the time. It is so powerful, it brings peace to your body. Close your eyes and try it, there is nothing superficial about it. The phrase means that peace begins with me. And this phrase taught me exactly how to “be peace.” We hear all the time about “peace beginning with us” but no one really tells us exactly how to do it. It is simple and easy. Just be peace. Remove yourself from all violence – media, movies, Angry Birds, needless garbage, etc. You cannot be peace if you are a part of those things. Feed yourself nutritious foods instead of unhealthy stressful ones. Say “Peace of I” if you are guided any time during your day. More ideas on how to be peace will come  your way.

Another way to be peace is thru all types of meditation. Today is a good day to remember the powerful studies of transcendental meditation and how it worked to reduce crime in Washington D.C. Read the fascinating account of the study.

We can achieve peace, but enough of us have to “be peace.” Peace is not for us to try to obtain through voting or politics or by looking outside of ourselves in some way. Peace is within just waiting to be. When you become peace you project that into the world around you.

Peace of “I” Prayer

Peace be with You,
All My peace.

The Peace that is “I”,
The Peace that is “I Am”.

The Peace for Always,
Now, and Forever, and Evermore.

My Peace I give to You,
My Peace I leave with You.

Not the World’s Peace,
But only My Peace.

The Peace of “I”

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