Balance: Outer Technology vs. Inner Technology

Some time ago I came across information that technology was brought forth on this planet so that us humans would be able to have more time for enjoying life. Apparently technology would allow us to get so much done quickly that we would have lots of free time to explore our heart’s true desires. Ha! This sounds great, but in our 3D world, this hasn’t happened. Instead technology has been a form of enslavement at this point. I believe in higher reasons for things, so may not be so bad, but awareness is key. If we are busy being distracted/addicted to our devices, what has or is passing us by?

Our inner technology is!

Is Outer Technology A Replacement For Inner Technology?
Over the past few years I have noticed a divide between people that is becoming more pronounced – the people I know who are the most evolved use the most ancient technology (think tape recordings, not even CDs)! These souls have their inner technology really turned on, so does this replace the need to have the latest gadget? Could be. When my inner technology really started coming online a few years ago, my interest in keeping up with the latest technology waned. Sure I use it, almost every day, but don’t feel the need to have the latest gadget or app for this and app for that. And I sure won’t be lowering my vibration to talk to any computer or cellphone, how dehumanizing!

When you are spending time on developing inner technology, you don’t have as much time for outer technology’s distraction that in many ways leads to no where land.

What is inner technology and why is it so important?
Inner technology is a gift all of us can develop that makes life so much more meaningful, fulfilling, enjoyable, connected etc. Think of inner technology as what is used to access true power. True power is something that cannot be taken away. While outer technology can be lost, broken, stolen, and malfunction; inner technology is always with you. Now more than ever we will need it to guide us through this shift.

Cell phones/email may be compensating for telepathy. Google may be compensating for receiving information directly from source. Social media may be compensating for a lack of connection to self, spirit, and oneness. (It is looking for a strong need for connection in the wrong places.) The internet may be compensating for connecting to others in person or understanding how we are all connected energetically. Now don’t get me wrong, because there are a lot of positives to technology, but the key is balance.

Inner technology – there’s no app for that!

  • Intuition
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Claircognizance
  • Clairsentience
  • Visions
  • Imagination/creativityy
  • Increased intelligence
  • Astral travel
  • Living from the heart
  • Healing energy
  • Much more!

Many of us remember being in touch with these gifts as young children. Imagine if we had been taught from a young age about our inner technology where we would be today. Quite amazing to think about. It sure makes iPods, smartphones, computers and the like pale in comparison.

How to activate and tune into your inner technology
Practicing or receiving energy healing (reiki, qi gong, or others that you are attracted to) is a great way. This removes blocks and negative energies so that you have a clearer line of communication. Meditation is a great way to increase connection. Some say detoxing your body helps. Find classes that you are interested in where you can learn more. Ask for guidance on what to do and then look for the signs to follow.

Things to consider:

  • Strike a balance between inner technology and outer technology.
  • Inner technology brings fulfillment while outer technology can be empty (the addictive quality).
  • Modern technology is a compensation for not being awake (since collectively our psychic centers are turned off).
  • Modern technology today is fragile and could be obsolete without advanced warning. The only reason technology works is because the energy on the planet supports it. That could change as higher energy comes in. (In case you are technology dependent for a living and feel so guided, consider alternative plans).
  • Our current technology is up for an evolution in some way so that it does not harm the environment. Today the use of computers creates electromagnetic pollution, wireless devices and now smart meters are polluting us and our environment. Technology is not as green as originally implied.
  • Some ancient cultures that may have been more advanced than us and had little or no use for outer technology or used it in a way that did not hurt them or the environment (it was used with consciousness.) ♥

© 2012

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