The Beautiful Side of Indigo Anger

Oh that anger, we’re known for it. We may try to skirt it, but it seems an impossible task. While anger is famous for it’s dark side, it has a lesser known bright side too! Years ago I had a soul integration and clearing session by an angel healer. She sent me a report about the work she had done. It showed what had been cleared (or not) for my highest good. One of the things not cleared was “core anger.” I thought that was funny, after all, we are all told how anger is not healthy and that it is not appropriate to express it in certain ways. In fact, these days it seems anger is a second class citizen. I figured it would be a good idea to clear it (after all I sure got more than my own fair share of it). Well, my higher self had other plans!

Anger is not bad. Anger can be a very positive thing, the thing that moves us beyond the acceptance of evil.
~ Joan Chittister

We all have anger, that is just part of our human experience. However, an indigo may have an especially difficult time with anger. The anger alarm can ring over things that most others have no clue about. (Which can leave you looking like a looney in the eyes of others whose third eye is blind!) Since indigos are so tuned in to integrity, truth, and justice, almost anything that goes against these basic spiritual cornerstones has the potential to invoke anger. Imagine in today’s society where almost everything is based on a lie. Indigos have to really focus on clearing their anger in productive ways or they may find themselves in a whole lot of trouble or over doing it in the substance abuse department just to deal with the disparity between spiritual truth and current reality.

I remember someone saying one time that lightworkers can disassociate from reality, but indigos cannot. That means we see the issue, we feel it, and we will not ignore it or create excuses for it (or deny it). But we do need tools that work for us to deal with the issues.

Ho’oponopono is one great tool for this. If you start saying some of the ho’oponopono phrases (this is a great list), it has the potential to let the anger flow out and more positive emotions flow in. It immediately calms me down and at the same time it will help clear what is going on to create the problem in the first place. It is a very powerful tool in this way.

Why do we have this anger?
I believe the reason why the anger may be more intense for some indigos is so that we take the necessary action to change or opt out of things. If it is uncomfortable enough to be in 3D land’s fictional reality, that thorn in our side may push us to change things for the better. Ultimately, indigos are not built to be able to ignore the sideways state of modern society forever. We are built to see the core issues like a sore thumb in order to change them.

In Power vs. Force by David Hawkins, he states, “Anger can either lead to constructive or destructive action.”  The choice is our own. He goes on to mention that anger is frustrated want. Yes, we want truth, integrity and justice and it is frustrating to wait for a world created this way! But we did know this going in and this is just part of the game. If we are demonstrating  truth, integrity and justice in our own lives, that is what matters most. People will notice. Your vibration will rub off on others even if it does seem to take awhile.

Another reason we have anger is to practice self mastery if we decide to go that route. What better way to learn to choose your reaction than anger! Since it is an uncomfortable emotion, we know when it surfaces right away. Each of us can learn how to master that emotion as we increase our vibration.

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
~ Maya Angelou

Ultimately it is ideal to learn to use the anger to your advantage. Transmute it into motivation and channel it into things you love to do. If anyone can do it, it’s the indigos – the masters of transmutation!

Helpful Reminders
(But what good are they in the midst of anger?!) Sometimes it can be hard to remember to do these, but I’ll list them anyway. We could all use reminders now and then. When you actually remember to do these (or maybe you already do) you are getting somewhere!

  • Take deep breaths
  • Ho-oponopono away!
  • Grab your aromatherapy
  • Visualize your “perfect getaway”
  • Remember this is just an illusion
  • Give yourself a hand massage
  • Surround the situation or person with pink light
  • Try to see the humorous side of whatever is making you angry (this can also defuse or deconstruct the issue by injecting the opposite emotion into the mix!)

So now I understand the reason behind not having my core anger cleared by the angel healer. Anger has helped me to identify where lack of integrity lies and help me to be conscious of mastering myself (work in progress! :)). As usual, the higher self knows best. I imagine myself without the anger and how I would be: accepting of or not noticing the depth of our horrifically unhealthy modern society instead of working on creating a healthy one. No thanks. ♥


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