Pigeons: Beyond The “Flying City Rats” Image

We’ve all heard it at some point – a friend makes a snide comment about a pigeon while cruising down the street, something about how “pigeons are dirty” or “flying city rats.” I remember at the time I heard that thinking there was more to this bird, but I had no real good comeback then, darn. (Ignorant comments deserve good comebacks!)

Since then, years have past and along the way I’ve learned a great deal about this bird. During my indigo “dark night of the soul” awakening, pigeons were nesting on my balcony and my entryway. They liked to snuggle together in the planters. This is when my appreciation of this bird really grew, as if it was an important part of the awakening. Wondering what pigeons represented as a totem, I looked them up online and many sources say they are a reminder of the security of home and getting back to your heritage and roots. No joke! At the time I learned about this, the lesson was not only about home in the physical sense because sometimes I wonder if it is possible to feel completely 100% at home on this planet. (This is a work in progress…) But the lesson was about finding home inside of yourself. The indigo awakening is about shedding all the illusions we thought were us and finding the true us. Once you find you (the deeper you, not the ego you) you are at home so to speak. (Then hopefully this will completely manifest into feeling at home on this planet.)

A few thoughts crossed my mind recently as a casual pigeon watcher. Pigeons may be the only species of bird that is so prevalent in cities. At least where I have lived I have not seen any other type of bird just walking down the sidewalk, except maybe a seagull here and there. What came to mind is that this bird has courage to want to live in the darkest, dirtiest cities in the world – concrete cities with so little green. Why if you were a bird and could live almost anywhere would you live there? Man, if I was a bird I’d be living somewhere on a sandy beach with the warm water lapping on my bird feet enjoying the day. Not hanging around with my bird feet on the sidewalk full of gum and cigarette butts outside some post office. This is a true sacrifice.

This made me realize that this bird has a mission to be around humanity. The pigeon is bringing higher frequency into dark areas of town. It has gifts for us, but we are not noticing. Pigeons mate and apparently they do not reject other birds from their flock. One day leaving for work, there was a dear gorgeous blue parakeet among a small flock of pigeons by my car. He was cruising right along as if he were a pigeon. Like dogs who show us unconditional love even if we are complete losers (in the ego sense of the word  because there really are no losers), pigeons are also there to be an example of the high vibration of love.

Unbeknownst to people who call pigeons flying city rats, they are quite amazing birds. A quick look online reveals how smart they are and how they are messengers, etc. And if you still want to think of them as dirty flying city rats, at least you have to admit that they wouldn’t be so dirty if it weren’t for us humans making our world so dirty in the first place. ♥


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