Energy Toolkit For Everyday (Or Emergencies) – Part 2

A continuation of Part 1, here are more great tools to have handy. As mentioned in Part 1, it is a good idea to print out information about each idea if you are guided and put them into a notebook.

6. The Violet Flame. Since the violet flame is known for transmutation, or turning negative energy into positive energy, it is a great tool to invoke if you are guided. Many indigos work under St. Germain in order to transmute, transmute, transmute. They say that he gave the gift of the Violet Flame to humanity. According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet (she authored my favorite book about the violet flame) it is also used for emotional and physical healing. I like to surround myself with the violet flame by using visualization. The decrees don’t really appeal to me, so follow your guidance.

7. Medicines of Light. A favorite post by Tom Kenyon –  His Medicines of Light information came out right after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. For some reason this information sticks in my head as extremely important. Tom addresses using the medicines of light for radiation, viruses and bacteria. He suggests a way to charge water before drinking it. My feeling about his information is that it is a great idea to practice it several times until you have it down. It seems logical that the practice will raise your vibration as well. Thank you Tom!

8. Angel Medicine. The fairy godmother of the angels, Doreen Virtue, brought the miracles of angels more out into the mainstream. Need help? Ask your angels! Want to learn more about angels and how to connect? Doreen’s books are invaluable resources.

9. Medical Assistance Program (MAP Teams).  The first time I saw this book by Machaelle Small Wright, I thought it was really out there. The MAP program is about having your own team of healers from other dimensions available to you at all times. I do resonate that there are many helper beings with an abundance of knowledge who we can call on to help us heal. This modality is just one of those ways. I have used it lots times, although not consistently enough I’m afraid. This system has also been used on my pet cat with much success and Machaelle addresses how to use it on animals. Whenever my cat is having a health issue, I call on his team immediately.

9. Ethereal Herbs, Ethereal Flowers, Ethereal Crystals, Chanting. If you love working with herbs, crystals and flower essences, did you know you can work with them without having them present? There are several ways to work with them, including:

1. Receiving an energy attunement to the herbs, flowers, crystals, flower essences from an energy practitioner. The beauty of being attuned is that you can be attuned to many herbs, crystals, etc. at one time, although some are also for individual herbs, etc. After you are attuned, you are able to run the energy through your body or hands to create, for example, ethereal crystal water to drink to help you with a certain issue that the specific crystal works on. One of my favorites is ethereal citrine. I like to add it to my smoothies in the morning. Citrine is an abundance crystal and a great way to start the day feeling abundant! Citrine is also great for intuition and transmutation. 🙂 It isn’t a big surprise that transmutators like indigos may love citrine!

2. If you have an herb, flower, crystal etc. in your presence, you may attune yourself by centering yourself in a quiet place, connecting with the herb or crystal, etc. then asking to be attuned. Use your guidance to sense when the attunement is over. After the attunement has settled in (maybe 24 hours) you may then ask to run the energy through yourself or through your hands into water, etc.  You can make herbal or crystal water for example, or water plants, make flower essences, etc. Be sure to space the self-attunements out and not do more than one a day. Of course it is a great idea to either have herb books, crystal books, flower essence books, etc. (or print outs from websites) handy so that you may refer to them when needed.

3. Chant the name of an herb, plant, or flower essence to call the energy of an herb, plant or flower essence to you. I have used this several times and love how it works. It is important to chant the name of the herb, etc. that you are guided to work with for a specific reason. For example, I called in White Chestnut flower essence one day when I was really worried that the oven was left on at home. Immediately after remembering about this flower essence I began chanting the name over and over again. White Chestnut is used to calm thoughts that are unpleasant, etc. It worked within minutes. The worry was gone and the experience left me surprised at how effective it was.

10. Pure Awareness Technique (Quantum Entrainment) by Frank Kinslow. This technique is not an energy system, but uses awareness to heal. It could quite possibly replace some of the other techniques here perhaps. Read the blog post about this technique.


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