Energy Toolkit For Everyday (or Emergencies) – Part 1

Last year in the middle of summer, Southern California had an unexpected blackout. A co-worker and I were at work when it happened and we thought the power was going to come right back on. No luck. Just months before I had worked on putting together our emergency kit for our office. I laughed as we pulled out our emergency radio thinking that when we bought it, we would never be using it, ha! Well it came in handy, amazingly handy because we learned that there was no specific time in sight for the power to come back on. Outside, the roads became gridlocked as people left their offices all at the same time. It felt so surreal. The power was off for about 8 hours, which compared to the recent power outages on the East Coast, was nothing. Nonetheless it was a wake up call for those who listened.

The positive of that experience is that it lit a fire of motivation to get the rest of our office and home emergency kits upgraded and added to. It also really got me thinking about sustainability and self-sufficiency more seriously. (It disturbs me how fragile our power systems are, how solar flares affect them, and that we are so dependent upon them. This isn’t so smart.) The other thing that came to mind as the emergency kits were being upgraded is that we may not always be able to have the physical supplies we need. What then?

Since I love to work with all types of energies and ethereal energies, I thought it would be great to have a list of ideas handy in case they are ever needed. So the Energy Toolkit was born. This kit in no way replaces having a physical emergency kit ready or medical care if it is available. It is meant to just round out and increase our ability to respond effectively if guided or asked. (To get your physical emergency kit in order, consider visiting the Red Cross’s website for a list of items. There are also two great calendars to use as a guide to collect emergency items and food supplies: Emergency Preparedness & Family Disaster Supplies.)

*Remember after or during an emergency or unusual situation, to first collect yourself and come back to center. Ask for your guides if you wish. If it resonates, connect yourself to the energy of the Earth. In order to be of help to others, we must first be solid. We are of less use if we have scattered energy. It is important to make decisions and use discernment after centering ourselves. Once centered, try to discern if you are supposed to help at all. There may be times when we are not called to, so listening to guidance is key as is being an “observer” of the happenings around you.

The Energy Tool Kit ~ 9 Tools To Keep Handy 

If you are guided to, print out the information from each of the links below and put it in a notebook. It is best not to rely on having power for emergency preparations or for self-sufficiency information. In this day and age of ebooks, Kindle, etc. more and more people are being drawn away from traditional books, making them more dependent on others to keep their information and on having power to view your ebook. Make hard copies of all important ebooks and files.

1. Reiki attunements. Once you have it, you always have it! Reiki is the perfect energy to have at your fingertips (literally) and can be used for many things, especially stress reduction. Read more about Reiki and about Reiki’s many benefits. There are free attunements out there of course, but don’t only stop there. It is important to be attuned by a well qualified Reiki Master. Many are reasonably priced and you can find distance attunements as well.

2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is a great one. EFT may be used to relieve psychological stress and physical pain by tapping on certain meridians. Generally speaking, it is used to maintain a balanced energy system. Carol Look has done a wonderful job teaching others EFT. This pdf document from her website, EFT Directions, explains how to use it right away.

3. Healing Touch. This system was added after a trip to the vet last week. My cat’s vet offers Healing Touch Massage and I asked her about the classes. After telling me how she liked it and why, she says, “It is great to have some skills in case you don’t have access to medical services.” She was preaching to the choir! These classes are on my list to take now (there is also Healing Touch for humans) and I’m reading the book The Healing Touch for Cats: The Proven Massage Program for Cats.

4. Energy Medicine. Donna Eden has some great energy medicine techniques. Her Energy Medicine Kit is really helpful and you can use the cards in the same way you use oracle cards. One time I asked for the best cards to help me with a headache and I selected three cards randomly. After I did the exercises I felt much relief.

5. Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs). It is possible to request the most benevolent outcome for a situation. I put this into practice and just loved the results. One especially memorable time was when my husband had borrowed a family member’s car and it got stolen. He was so mad. I immediately asked for the MBO and two days later the car was found virtually untouched. I like to think that my asking helped! The key is to remember to ask. Learn more from Tom Moore’s website (he also has a good earthquake prep list there.)

More to come in the next post!


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