Indigo Healing: Chronic Reversed Polarity Update 2

Today I had another follow up appointment with Keith Smith regarding my Chronic Reversed Polarity (CRP). I had a feeling more percentage points had been gained toward being un-reversed, or better said, being “in the flow” or having balanced polarity. And yes, over the past 5 weeks or so I gained more, for a total of being 86% “in the flow.” It isn’t surprising since you can tell when you are improving. It has been about 6 months since I started with Keith and many people are 100% in the flow by now (most are balanced after 4-6 months). I’m slightly behind, but that is OK. It could be that I have been reversed for a looooong time. I hope to be 100% “in the flow” by my next appointment. 🙂

During our conversation I learned something about CRP that was great to know and resonated. Keith told me that the program is able to help with adrenal issues in many cases. (I had read that CRP can cause fatigue, but I didn’t know this was also adrenal fatigue). The reason this rang true is that I had seen a naturopath for years and I always had adrenal issues and she would have me take supplements for them. Well in my case it seemed that I could take all the adrenal supplements in the world and nothing would really stick. I am hoping that much, if not all of my adrenal issues are helped by the CRP program. Since my energy levels are so much better, I have to say that it may well be that my adrenals are finally happy after all these years.

Another thing is best explained on the Woodland Wellness website:

Once registering over 550 on the (David) Hawkins scale clients can start a program to achieve 12-strand DNA reconnection, as described by Keith Smith, founder of the Polarity Balancing Program used at Woodland Wellness…

This part is particularly interesting and reminds me of another part of the program I haven’t addressed much: body vibration. Keith measures your body’s vibration on your first appointment and then at subsequent appointments. As your polarity is balanced, your vibration increases. This is fairly logical if you understand how consciousness, spirit and energy has to flow into you. If it is flowing in the wrong way it seems it could impede your progression. Keith uses a scale similar to the David Hawkins scale to measure body vibration.

Based on what I have heard and by being on the program, my understanding at this time is that there could be a difference between your body vibration and your consciousness vibration. My hunch is based on three different signs: (1) Years ago a healer measured me according to David Hawkins scale. At that time I was about 520 or so which is not surprising for indigos or starseeds. 500 is love and we are here to be love. We also know we were born with a higher consciousness because we just “get” things. The healer was very good and my intuition about her is that she was correct since she was correct about  lots of other things she helped me with. Keith measured my vibration using his method and I was in the 230s six months ago (today I measured 462). This resonated since my body really was not in ideal shape at the time for the reasons I have touched on in my posts.

(2) Although I knew my consciousness was getting higher and higher as I was awakening, my diet really didn’t change much although I wanted to change it for the better. This did not feel right to me. It seemed as if there was a block not allowing the consciousness to trickle into my body. This makes sense understanding how CRP works.

(3) Not long after feeling that there could be a difference in body and consciousness vibrations I read an article (I hope to remember where it was) about this that really resonated. So what feels accurate to me is that the CRP program can help align your body to your consciousness vibration if your consciousness is higher than your body vibration. If your body does not feel good, you are not in the mood to be highly conscious. This is where this program is key as it can help jump start your body to be able to receive more consciousness as it has done in my case. Ultimately since your body and consciousness are connected this alignment can catapult you up Keith’s scale and the David Hawkins scale.

Thanks to Keith for all his hard work in this area over the years and helping so many of us! ♥

Useful links:

Woodland Wellness – great resource for CRP
Keith Smith – Master herbalist and originator of the CRP program


4 thoughts on “Indigo Healing: Chronic Reversed Polarity Update 2

  1. Hi Jen, thank you for your articles on Chronic Reverse Polarity program with Keith Smith. I just had my phone call with him today and my herbs are on their way to me here in Canada. How has it been for you now that it has been almost a year? are there other things that people can do along with the herbs to help heal faster? Thanks again Jen.


    • Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for your comments and questions. There have continued to be positive changes and they can be surprising. I became unreversed last September. About a month later I started noticing wonderful synchronicities in my life. I talked about them a bit in the post Make Your 2013 a Year of Magic. Those have continued to this day; signs and synchronicities all around, not just about my cat, but he was fun to write about. Much of this I believe was due to the Chronic Reversed Polarity treatment since it occurred after I “got into the flow.” Related to this is I’ve noticed heightened intuition in many ways. Lots of just thinking of something and someone says the same thing, knowing what will come next, etc.

      This year my diet has been greatly improved. I used to want to eat better and just wasn’t able to when I was reversed. The dietary changes came really easily and surprised me. Basically I had wanted to drop sugar, flour products and most oils (besides olive and coconut) and drink green drinks everyday for starts. What seems to happen is that you are not fighting yourself to not eat something you are craving, you just do not want it any longer. Simple! It has been easy to then add a higher caliber of supplements. Since my diet changed, this whole year has been a continuous mild detox. I had noticed increased energy as I was becoming unreversed, but after eliminating sugar/flour my energy levels really became stronger and steadier.

      What was critical to add to my diet were probiotics – a probiotic in supplement form, fermented raw cabbage or other veggies, fermented dairy, coconut kefir, etc. Two books suddenly appeared in my life – Body Ecology and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) giving me the message to clean up my digestive tract! But I did find this information after being unreversed so that may be the divine timing part – I wasn’t ready for it until then. However when people use the term “gut feeling” little do they know how a cleaner gut gives you a clearer “gut feeling.” Quite amazing really. I experienced an upgrade of my bs detector from taking probiotics.

      See if you notice any repeating signs about supplements or foods that may help you. For example I may think of something and a friend mentions it and/or I read about it, etc. Then I know to give it more attention. What may happen at some point is that you just know what you need. Your intuition may kick in and you just know. Take it easy (I didn’t at one point!). After being on Keith’s program about 3 months I went to David Wolfe’s Longevity Conference with all sorts of high energy foods and supplements. When I got home with some of the free supplements and started taking them, my body said, “Enough!” and totally rejected them. I can take them now, but Keith’s treatment was enough at that time.

      Thanks again Bruce, feel free to contact me in the future and let me know how you are doing. 🙂

  2. Hello! I’ve been reading through your website for about 9 hours total (I’m at work!) and I would first like to say how interesting and helpful it has been! Secondly, I would like to ask if you know of any good/beneficial ways to detox your body? I already eat extremely healthy (no preservatives/gmo/unnatural foods) but it has only been for a couple months now, and I can’t help but think there are still toxins in my body! I’ve heard drinking half a lemon in your water in the morning is extremely helpful, but I would just like a second opinion if you have one! Thanks!

    • Hi Kyli,
      Thanks for contacting me! I have taken lemon/water drinks. In the summer, David Wolfe’s Superhero Cleanser is great ( He is the first one I had learned from who mentioned how great lemon is. I don’t add all the ingredients he does, just a few I like best and he recommends to start something like this slow. Lately I haven’t felt like drinking it, but instead drinking lemon/ginger/honey in warm water (not hot) because it has been chilly. Green drinks are awesome and my favorite right now is one from Ken Rohla ( With this too I don’t add everything he does, just a few ingredients that I’m drawn to. Since it has banana and vanilla it is really tasty and you don’t taste the greeny-ness. Ken has more info on detoxing to on his website. He is really serious about it (has herbs on his site to detox from all sorts of things) so he is great to learn from if you vibe with him (check out some of his radio interviews too). What I feel I’ve learned from Ken is detoxing is a journey, not a destination. I used to detox every few months, but since doing this smoothie, now it is about 5x week since it can be pretty cleansing (start his out slow too!). Follow what your body seems to want. I’ve noticed for example that since it is colder now, I want heavier foods and not as much raw. (I’m quite “vata,” from the ayurvedic system, and so I don’t tolerate tons of raw foods, esp in winter). I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me again. If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know. 🙂

      Happy Holidays!

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