Indigo Healing: Chronic Reversed Polarity Update 1

It has been a few months since my original post about Chronic Reversed Polarity (CRP) and working with Master Herbalist Keith Smith. It is definitely time for an update! Even though the original post was in March, the time feels like it has flown, yet at the same time it feels like another lifetime. Strange how that can happen.

(Read about my first month on the Chronic Reversed Polarity program.)

Going into the second month of the program, things got a bit tougher, the first month was a breeze. During the second month, as soon as I would take the herbs and supplements, I would get nauseous for about 30 minutes. It took me a week or so to realize just to divide my doses and not take them all at the same time and that worked great. (And remembering to call Keith if you need to is helpful). During my next appointment, I talked to Keith about it and basically when you have a soul that is stubborn like a mule like I do, your body may want to resist the change until it finally gives in! In my mind I was determined to not let the nausea stop me. There have been no other “negative” effects (although I don’t think of the effects as negative as it is all part of stepping up the stairs of the healing process.) And just because this happened to me, does not mean it will happen to you.

My last appointment with Keith was about 5 weeks ago and at that time I was about 66% unreversed, yay! Although very happy with my progress, for some reason I thought by July I would be completely unreversed (stubborn 🙂 ). However, it is all in perfect order for sure. My next appointment with Keith is tomorrow so I will report how much closer I am to the goal of finally being fully “in the flow.”

Overall the main theme of the last few months has been nothing less than transformational. Maybe it is also the intense 2012 energy we are in now too, but what has occurred for me is another level of awakening. Luckily it has not been an intense “world turned upside down” or “dark night of the soul” awakening that many of us starseeds and indigos go through to shed 3D realities. Thank God! Instead it has been more peaceful and lighthearted. But I do have to admit that like with any awakening, you have to get used to the “new you.” For some, this may be quick and for others this may take a little time. I think for me this takes a little time (stubborn 🙂 ).

Physically one of the most obvious changes has been with my diet.  I have wanted to drink green juices or smoothies everyday, but something would happen and they wouldn’t appeal to me any longer. Now green drinks are almost a daily habit and I only eat fruit for breakfast. My goal is not to become raw, but to at least get more life force in my body from raw foods to cleanse, heal and lighten. (The color green is the color of the heart chakra too where much of humanity is now working for their evolution).  My energy levels have also increased. I do not need as much sleep to be able to function the next day and as a person who would be quite irritated if I didn’t get my 8 hours, this is a relief and freedom.

Emotionally I feel another level of neutrality has been presented (polarity integration). It could be that this program helps you step into fully being the observer of your life (mastering your emotions) and accepting reality and that all is in divine order.  (The program raises your vibration. Keith uses a scale and measures this for you too. As you raise your vibration/consciousness the changes can be profound). This is important to me because if we release judgment around “bad” things and decide not to have an emotional reaction to them, we disengage our energy from feeding into “bad” things. What a relief.

At the same time there has also been more of an emotional balance achieved. Less highs and lows and a lot more all around happiness and fun. Of course there have been some downs as the energy especially in June/July has been intense for many indigos and starseeds. We can feel ourselves shedding more that needs to go and being that that is an ending of sorts, we can feel sadness about it since we are sensitive.

Mentally the biggest change has been how little doubt I have about things now. It felt like I went through a doubt cleanse. I used to doubt myself and my mission, doubt where this world was going energetically, doubt that other beings on other dimensions even existed, doubt, doubt, doubt and more doubt. And really who could blame any one of us starseeds and indigos for having doubt? Our realities are cutting edge and some of us have immersed ourselves in the thick of the 3D dark  fringe reality to do our missions with very few of our kind around to help us validate our viewpoint when doubt sets in (and quite a few around to ready to help you doubt even more). With less doubt, you have more confidence in yourself and what you are doing on this planet.

Another change that has happened is that making decisions about how I want to spend my time or about other things is a snap. No waffling with indecision about anything. I know what needs to be done or what needs to be ignored and everything falls into place. My BS detector also got an upgrade. This also fits with emotional changes, because there is even a greater degree of sensing false information in the gut. Although this is great in one sense, the hard part is having understanding for those who cannot see things how they are.

My intelligence of knowingness/intuition has increased. I feel there is no replacement on this planet for knowingness. Our society tells us that we need to learn and gain knowledge, but no, we need to gain knowingness. Knowingness is a higher form of intelligence than regurgitating “facts” about a reality that someone else has told us are true. Those “facts” are quickly being proven to be fiction and we will need our own knowingness as a foundation and guide.

Spiritually things have been quite clear about ascension or this energy wave we can ride if we so wish. When you see the changes that happen inside of yourself, you know this is going somewhere. The signs from spirit increase as well. At my last appointment with Keith, I told him how after my first appointment with him I started seeing the same car on the freeway pass me with the license plates that read – “K Smith.” What a joy to know you are on the right track!

If you were to ask me if I would do this treatment if I had the chance to go back in time, without a doubt I would. It is foundational for anyone to be in the flow. My feeling is that as the energy gets more intense on the planet, it will be an even greater blessing to be flowing the right direction on all levels and have the greatest chance for that to be with ease and grace. ♥

Useful links:

Woodland Wellness – great resource for CRP
Keith Smith – Master herbalist and originator of the CRP program

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