Your Energy – The New Accessory

Ahhh fashion magazines. I remember those days where I couldn’t wait to crack open the latest Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and devour it. The pages were so perfect like a coffee table book. The outfits were dreamy. The makeup, hair and skin flawless. Not to mention the amazing photography that was like art. I remember wanting to collect them all and line them up on the shelf. But underlying the facade of glitz and glamour was something more sinister that only years later would I realize.

Fashion magazines are really like an abusive boyfriend who tells you what to do, points out every flaw on your body, and lies to boot! They were subtly (well, not so subtly really) telling me how to look, what to buy, and what was cool (and sooooo uncool too). They pointed out average human body things and labeled them as ‘unattractive’ or ‘unwanted.’ And they lied to me by air brushing all the models to a perfection even they themselves cannot achieve. And the damn fickleness – one year the new accessory was to have a certain handbag style, or a certain shoe style and then there was the year where the must have accessory was to be tan.

And yes, the brainwashing worked and how cool I thought I was trying to be in fashion to some degree. But now I’ve swapped cool for fool. I thought I was cool, but really I was a fool (I have to admit sometimes it was a bit fun).

How things have changed. Nowadays if I happen to pick one of those magazines up in the grocery line or at the hair salon, it always makes me laugh looking back at how I practically worshiped them. It also makes me laugh because of how ridiculous it feels to look at some of the crap on those pages. Is this for real or is this a joke? It is almost like a surreal, bad dream. But it is real. How did it come to this?

The good news is little by little we are entering an era where your energy is the new accessory. Yes, your positive, high energy. Lately it seems to be more obvious than ever how your energy is what counts, not what you wear. If you have ever been to an event or conference with a lot of high energy people, you know what I mean. Interestingly, have you ever noticed a good looking person without high energy (no judgment, just sensing) and they really are not very attractive? Or the opposite – an average person with aMaZinG! energy who is quite attractive? From some people you can just sense…”there’s just something about that person!” And your energy is not fickle, baby! Once you got it, you got it. No need to buy things that feign it.

So back to those mags – once I broke the cycle of denial and saw the truth about what they are about, I dumped them like you dump an abusive boyfriend – and never looked back. ♥


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