Indigo Myth: Indigo Is Our Aura Color

If you, like me, have learned a bit about aura colors, one of the basic things you learn is that aura colors change depending upon certain factors and situations. However, have you noticed that most sources talking about indigos say our aura color is indigo? How can this be? So I went back to the original source of the indigo name – Nancy Ann Tappe. Looking through her website, it never mentions our auras are indigo, she says our life color  is indigo. Could people be generalizing or confusing life color with aura color?

The information I had so far didn’t make sense to me so I put it out into the universe to find an answer and wow it came fast through my Mom! One day we were talking and the conversation led me to Titanya’s website, a life color reader and daughter of well known “Energy Medicine” pioneer, Donna Eden. She explains it very clearly on her website. Thank you universe, Mom, and Titanya!

What is the difference between aura color and life color?
According to Titanya:

The Life color is different than an Aura, in that the Aura is constantly changing from one moment to the next, depending on mood, environment, and people you meet, and the list goes on. The Life color sits behind the Aura.

(Read more about life colors and aura colors on her website. It also has a fascinating list of other life colors.) ♥

So it does appear that people are generalizing the life color as the aura color, not surprisingly. After all, if you can’t see them and distinguish between them with your own eyes, the only way you will know is from the knowledge of an expert like Titanya. Aura is also a more popular word than life color so it seems logical that aura stuck for people since we all have a visual of what an aura looks like, but not necessarily what a life color looks like. Glad we got that cleared up! ♥


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