Our 3 Eyes

If you ever studied Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera in school like I did, you probably remember the 3rd eyes protruding from many of their paintings. It was intriguing, but at the same time a bit unsettling. At that time, I had no idea what this meant. Later, in certain circles I heard people say “Oh, my 3rd eye is opening!” Hmmm…what does that mean? I didn’t really think much of it (how could I when my own 3rd eye was closed?).

Look For The Lights
Years later at a Doreen Virtue presentation, she did an exercise where we closed our eyes and looked for lights. I could not believe what I saw. I did see lights. Crazy. Why hadn’t I noticed them before? Every night I closed my eyes, right? So from then on, night after night I would close my eyes to see what was there or even leave my eyes open to see what was there. Pretty soon there were colors, shapes, outlines, faces, words and more. At the same time this developed, there was a pressure sensation at my 3rd eye and almost a tickling sensation. These are all signs that your 3rd eye is opening, yay!

The 3rd Eye Is Critical  For Us To Recreate Our World
Creating based only on the 2 physical eyes is limited and half truth at best (just look at the shape our world is in). It is important for us to create from a higher level now with the 3rd eye. The three eyes form a triangle, an important shape in sacred geometry. The 3rd eye allows us to see objectively and see deeper truth. Some call the 3rd eye the “spiritual eye” and with good reason. It is the eye of unity and balance. Viewing the world from 3 eyes allows us to see the dimension of spirit which enriches our lives in countless ways and we know the truth that nature and humans are one (as opposed to the us vs. nature lie that is now the mass consciousness). 

While our physical eyes separate (dual by nature since there are only two and they perceive duality), our 3rd eye brings everything together in balance with a higher spiritual viewpoint.

Third Eye Blind
Some indigos feel lost until this gift resurfaces and 3rd eyes seem to be on their own schedule of opening according to divine timing. (So no need to rush anything to get it open!) However there are articles online (use discernment and your guidance) on how important it is to stop using fluoride products, to detoxify yourself and consider drinking distilled water. At the time my 3rd eye opened, I was drinking mostly distilled water since my naturopath suggested it years before. I was still using fluoride toothpaste, and detoxify? rarely! I believe the 3rd eye opens with the help of other factors as well, for example, reaching a level of objectivity in your life. Not sure which comes first though – the 3rd eye opening or the objectivity or maybe they come hand in hand.

It Isn’t All Rosy
When your 3rd eye is open, you can see higher energy as well as lower energy sometimes. It is exciting to see angels and colors and words, but it isn’t so fun to see dark spots in people’s auras, dark energy scurry past you like a rat or dark energetic cords emerging from people. Just send the dark energy love (but seriously heart felt love). No need to be fearful, although it can happen, even with light beings! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my body one night when I woke up suddenly and saw an angel and Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl so clearly. Later an energy healer told me to work on strengthening my lower chakras so that I am ‘in power’ regarding what I see.

Third Eye Smiley o:)
The other day a friend of mine sent me an email and signed it with a smiley with a 3rd eye: o:) Major lol! And just look at how big the third eye is compared to the other eyes just like the image in this post – maybe this is telling us something. The other day on TV I saw a paranormal show where they photographed the 3rd eye’s energy and if that was really the 3rd eye, it was way, way bigger!

The Third Eye Is A Gift Allowing Humanity To See For Real and See BIG!
The third eye is THE eye of the future. When you have access to more knowledge and truth, you make decisions that ultimately make sense for us and for our environment. You also have access to big ideas, big consciousness, and the big picture.  ♥


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