Learn To Discern!

In these last few weeks there has been a frenzy of information (or speculation) regarding things that are about to happen that will change our lives forever (omg!). These specific articles flying around online are read by many, many ‘lightworkers’ and have been of particular interest right now. (I won’t name them). All sorts of whistles and bells went off in my gut reading the articles. I wasn’t sure what to make of the information at first. Some of the facts may be true and some of them may not be. Lightworkers were acting as if the information was about lightwork and many jumped in head first! I wasn’t convinced. As much as the internet is a great source of information, it is a greater source of mis-information! And when a lot of people dive in, watch out!! it could be the groupthink phenomenon (well maybe not the traditional definition, but that is what it reminds me of!)

I asked for clarity from my guides about the article and slept on it. (The article revealed some life altering information that could make one need some time to think or stop thinking for that matter.) The next morning, things were more clear that it was not lightwork and later on, the reasons why started popping into my head. I decided a list would be helpful to have around for future reference.

It feels very important right now to be able to discern and stay in your power so that you make the best possible decisions from truth.

How to discern lightwork from game playing.

1. The light does not separate, it is unity.

2. The light does not force things, it is patient.

3. The light does not want revenge, it is loving and empathetic.

4. The light does not need drama, it is peace.

5. The light does not need fame, it is fulfilled.

6. The light is not a victim, it is in its own power.

Some are very good at posing as if they are the above, but you can still sniff them out when looking closer. Look out for:

1. The source claims or appears to be the only one available for the information they provide and/or cannot reveal their source(s).

2. Claims “you will be one of the first to know” if you follow them. (Appealing to ego).

3. Claims “this is the time/event we have been waiting for” when it is clearly revenge or terrorism (think Anonymous).

4. They claim something is “for the good” yet the actions they or others are taking feel low, ie. secret, hurtful, etc. – it is not lightwork.

5. It claims “the light will win.” This is one of the oldest lies in the book. Winning is when all win, not one side. The light is waaaaaaayyyy above winning.

6. The information appears happy about the demise of others.

7. The information tries to appeal to your emotions or your humanness in some way that is not appropriate to “pull you in.”

8. Full of “ego-tude” – secrecy, “insiders” and other needless crap.

9. Just because they use words like divine, love, light, peace, does not mean that is what they are about. Look at the action to understand the agenda.

10. There is an outside source that will ‘save you.’ (Didn’t we already process that with religion?)

No need to blame these people, they may very well believe they are doing a good service for others (and maybe they are). For me this has been a brilliant exercise in discernment to use for the future. And although it is hard to comprehend sometimes, less than light actions can ultimately lead to positive outcomes, thank God!

It is of utmost importance to notice how you feel as you read or listen to something. Something is not right if:

1. You laugh so hard because it is so obvious it is a lie.

2. You feel like a complete idiot or totally ridiculous reading it.

3. It provokes fears when you are generally not a fearful person.

Your gut will tell you the answer. I’m not saying true info will always feel good, we know it does not. But if you read something and your stomach is tossing, ask for your guidance to help you discern the truth. ♥

© 2012


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