The New Royalty (It’s Not What You Think)

Ever notice all the princess crowns and Princess on Board bumpstickers these days? It seems you can’t drive far without seeing them on someone’s car or someone wearing a crown on their clothing (think Juicy Couture). It is no coincidence that all these stickers and crowns started popping up as indigos and other souls working to take things to another level came to Earth. After all, many have described the indigos as acting like royalty.

But what does that mean? I take it a bit more negatively from a 3D perspective for a couple of reasons. One, I don’t find royalty these days anything to be proud of like many do. I was shocked at the number of people who watched that damn wedding. When we are in balance, we don’t care who people are superficially, we care about who people really are and how intact their integrity is. Two, when parents say their indigo children are “acting like royalty,” I take that to mean ‘deserving’ or ‘superior.’ But these are just immature traits that will hopefully fade as the indigo comes into their own. There is no room for these traits as an indigo steps into their true self. Many indigos have serious, roll-up-the-sleeves and get the hands dirty work to do. As these immature traits are cleared from our planet, we will create a bridge to the true royalty that all beings can embody. Whoopeeee!

Royalty how it is in 3D land is out of balance and has been reduced from a higher consciousness idea down to something for only a few. Meanwhile little girls are being brainwashed with their princess dolls dreaming of a life that is never attainable in 3D (power, materialism, etc.). How did that happen? Easy, by giving our power away. The only way that royalty can exist is by the collective believing in it and thinking it is necessary and thinking it benefits them in some way. Well, just maybe it doesn’t.

I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.” Pietro Aretino

The New Royalty Is A Consciousness, Not a Position, So Put Your Crown On…Your Crown Chakra That Is!

Royalty, when it is in balance, is actually a good thing. (I like to think of King Arthur as the example for royalty). In its highest form, it means honor, honesty, integrity, strength and courage among other things. It serves others in the highest way while being “true blue” instead of blue blood. When you have higher consciousness, you naturally live by an unwritten code of ethics. One day, hopefully sooner than later, ethics will just “be” because higher energy and higher ethics go hand in hand.

The new royalty is about you and me and doing the inside work that makes one royal in the 5D conscious sense. Think about where a crown sits – exactly on your crown chakra (are they trying to tell you something!). So as your crown chakra opens to the energies of the universe, so does your awareness of your own royalty in the most wonderful and humble way. See, who needs a bejeweled crown then? No one. ♥


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