Indigo Healing: Chronic Reversed Polarity

A couple of months ago, my guidance led me to a site about Chronic Reversed Polarity (CRP) by ‘accident.’ What it said hit me like a ton of bricks. If your energy meridians are running the wrong way, your energy is depleted, energy healing will not work or only work temporarily, certain symptoms may manifest, etc. I knew immediately this applied to me.

First, trying to muscle test (kinesiology) solidly has always been an issue. One day muscle testing would feel so reliable and the next it did not. If you are familar with muscle testing, then you know if you ask if your name is “your real name” and you get a “no” something is not right! And one time before a Theta healing session, the Theta healer mentioned I was reversed and she corrected it. But after that, not much thought was given to this reversal business until now. Other things that made me feel like I had CRP was the feeling like most of my life I was swimming upstream, that I lived with a high level of stress, and my PMS symptoms.

So I made an appointment with Keith Smith, a master herbalist in Escondido, California. He is the originator of the system to reverse CRP and has had huge success with clients. During the appointment, he tested my polarity, and no surprise – reversed! So he started me on his herbal remedies to correct it. It has been a month and so far there have been big improvements:

  • One of the first noticeable improvements was feeling calm and grounded, wow, this is a big one! Little did I realize just how scattered my energy was. If you have nothing to compare it to, you won’t know until things are different. The sense of well being was amazing – no feeling hyper or anxious at times and very little stress! I’ve always been a bit more high strung and this has nicely grounded me.
  • Another huge benefit has been a big increase in my energy levels, as if now I’m using the energy wisely and not allowing it to leak or scatter.
  • Sound sleep.
  • Reduced PMS symptoms. 🙂
  • Increased 3rd eye activity and guidance

If CRP resonates with you, you may be interested to know that reversing your polarity:

  • Increases your body’s vibration
  • It puts you in alignment with the higher energies that are coming to the planet
  • It puts you in alignment with your highest potential
  • Keith says that he found correcting CRP with energy exercises usually is only a temporary fix

Useful links:

Woodland Wellness – great resource for CRP
Keith Smith – Master herbalist and originator of the CRP program for reversal

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3 thoughts on “Indigo Healing: Chronic Reversed Polarity

  1. Hi, I am curious how things are going for you after the month? Did the herbs work and are you still feeling healed? What has your process been like since you started Keith’s program? Thanks!

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