Ultimately, The Law of Attraction Is Not About Money

Who hasn’t seen a person who teaches the law of attraction these days who doesn’t try to lure you in with the money spiel? Money, money, money, get more money. This is appealing to the lowest common denominator. Remember money is 3D. I have to admit it is a place to start learning about the law of attraction, that is the good news. But as many learn the hard way, myself included, that is just Law of Attraction 101. There could be a whole degree program about the law of attraction! Wouldn’t that be fun. I’m glad to say that there is a much deeper side to it.

You may remember how the law works – you got your feet wet, your vision board all set, and your ‘letter to the universe’ and you were ready to dive in! You understood that you had to feel all the feelings that relate to what you wanted and keep on feeling them. You had to pretend like you are already livin’ that life. You were doing great, then one day – pow! you just couldn’t get in that feeling place any more. Ugh. Don’t worry…you are only human. But like most everyone who has tried the law of attraction, you hit a wall! Now what?

Clear, clear, clear!
Luckily there are some fabulous systems out there to help you clear blocks to your goal and increase your energy to manifest. Some great ones that work with the law of attraction are EFT, Emotion Code, Theta Healing, Ann Taylor, and there are lots of energy attunement systems that help too.

Oh wait, there is so much more to the law of attraction!
As you clear these blocks, ultimately you realize a few important things. One is that you start to understand that the key to the law of attraction is attracting  information of a higher caliber. This is critical because you can’t change using the tools you have always used. You have to find new, better ones. What you attract information wise shapes your future.

Two, many health practitioners know that if you work on your health issues first, the rest may fall into place. On a feng shui bagua, health, both physical and emotional, is in the center. Every other part of the bagua revolves around and touches the health section. Without health you cannot manifest as easily. In other words, you may not have the energy to manifest the goal.

Three, if you take a closer look at the feng shui bagua, you will see that wealth is only one piece of the pie. The bagua represents ultimate abundance and happiness when all is in balance. Wealth/money is only 1/9 of the bagua – it is just a part of overall abundance.

Finally, you start realizing the law of attraction’s ultimate goal is to help you raise your vibration to create heaven on Earth.
This is huge because your vibration will determine the quality of your future. You may realize that your small, little law of attraction experiment has blossomed into recreating the entire planet with like minded souls. Ultimately that is what it is supposed to do!

The higher your vibration, the easier you can manifest and ultimately have all around abundance. Are you attracting things into your life of a higher vibration or not? This includes books, energy systems, food, creativity, etc. etc.  And, as you raise your vibration, you can plainly see that the future is without money. Money is a lower vibrational concept waiting to be reinvented. So much for money and the law of attraction people – it’s time to focus on abundance. (More on that later!) ♥

© 2012


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