Natural Soaps That You Could Wash Your Mouth Out With!

(OK, just kidding.) There is nothing sexy about commercial bars of soap other than false image they try to portray in their ads. In the typical ad – the model is in the shower, smiling and happy, the lather looks so clean and pure, her skin is glowing and healthy and…hold up just one second – it is time for a reality check! I would just love it if after that they tell you you are actually washing yourself with saponified beef fat (sodium tallowate)! LOL…Imagine all the people who feel so clean and refreshed, yet they have dead animal products permeating their skin. There is nothing sexy about it. It sounds downright disgusting (and with no or low health or beauty enhancing benefits). Forget the pretty (artificial) colors, phony perfume and slick advertising.

This morning when I got in the shower I thought about how amazing the soaps are that I use – handmade natural soaps that smell divine. And the soaps I use are not just natural, they are infused with health enhancing aromatherapy oils, gemstone essences, and Tachyon energy infusions. If you put something on your skin, it should not only clean, but have added health and beauty enhancing benefits, energy enhancing benefits and more! Wow, now that is high vibe!

Many natural soaps contain coconut oil and the benefits of coconut oil are seeping into the mainstream as we speak. We all know the benefits of aromatherapy. The gemstone essences work with your energy body (and your physical body) to enhance your aura depending upon the essence’s properties. Learn about Tachyon energy – there is a lot to know! In my minds eye, I see commercial soaps as being grey energy and natural soaps, especially those that are gemstone, energy, or aromatherapy enhanced, as being very light and clean colored.

Back to commercial soaps if you are curious about that sodium tallowate, yummy! Hands down, most commercial soaps are just junk food for your skin, but sodium tallowate is just the beginning. I am no expert in this, but just taking a look at some of the ingredients and looking them up online is enough to open your eyes.

I found two articles that look well done if you feel like learning more about the ingredients in commercial soaps:
Why Handcrafted Soap?
The Dangers of Commercial Soap

Whether or not commercial soaps can harm is not important, the point is – your soap can do so much more for you than you imagined! ♥

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