Saint Germain Is More Than a MAC Lipstick Color!

Saint Germain is a very popular shade of MAC lipstick. I tried to buy it a couple of years ago, simply because of the name, with no luck. It was quite amusing to learn about this shade – a pale violet pink – resembling the lighter shades of the Violet Flame of Transmutation of course. Saint Germain must have been working with a MAC employee to get that one done. But there’s more! MAC also has Violet Fire nail polish (aka the Violet Flame). So there Saint Germain goes, planting seeds of consciousness with MAC makeup customers! Brilliant. I wonder how many women walk around with no clue that the Violet Flame is practically flowing from their lips and nails!

Saint Germain, an Ascended Master I find quite fascinating, teaches us transmutation by using the Violet Flame, alchemy, magic, and is helping us with ascension – bringing Heaven to Earth. Saint Germain is working with many indigos and others at this important time in our Earth’s history. He teaches us to transmute lower energies to higher energies, which is a large part of our mission.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Saint Germain heavily influenced the Harry Potter series. As many know, Saint Germain was Merlin. I’m absolutely fascinated by Merlin and the magical King Arthur story. I do not believe it is a legend. I have read information that indigos are linked to the time of King Arthur. It is just hard for mass consciousness to understand living magically at this time, so it is believed to be a legend.

I think Saint Germain is urging me to write this post. The other night I saw purple swirling energy in my third eye. When I woke up I had to write this. Saint Germain is an influencer behind the scenes – an influencer of the most positive light. ♥

© 2012


One thought on “Saint Germain Is More Than a MAC Lipstick Color!

  1. Love this article! Saint Germain is one of my faves, thanks for following your guidance and posting this well written post:-) Best wishes in all of your endeavors. (i know you will do well, after all; you know how to use the violet Flame;-) I will be back!

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