Polarity (and Hilarity) Integration

Over the years I have learned much about polarity integration and how important it is in order to get out of the 3D mess we have created. The thing is, for eons there has been a battle between polar opposites – light and dark, good and bad, etc. This battle has caused so much human suffering for one simple reason – it is a lie. At some point in time we have to sit back and see the bigger picture. The battle between light and dark, good and bad is not working. Especially if we desire a better reality. Luckily we now have the consciousness available to us to do it.

One of my favorite quotes about the dark and the light is from Jelaila Star: On the 9th dimension, light and dark do not have these labels (good and bad). They are seen more like chocolate and vanilla ice cream, just different expressions of All That Is, each expressing a different version of creation. There is no negative judgment placed on either one.Alrighty then, I’ll take a scoop of each!

Hilarity neutralizes the dark
Many starseeds, lightworkers, indigos, etc. are actively working as polarity integrators. This simply means that you understand that the dark helps the light and that you no longer (or rarely since you are still human!) feel an emotional charge around ‘dark’ things. No charge means you are not feeding the dark the energy it needs to sustain itself.

As my ability to be more objective regarding the dark has increased, so increased my capacity for hilarity. Funny things are funny, things that are not that funny are funny, boring things are funny. Life is just funny! When the dark does something really stupid or you read something completely ‘in the dark’ – it is sometimes downright hilarious! Hilarity and joy neutralize the dark. They are on completely different energy wavelengths. So have some cake with that ice cream as you watch the dark drama!

Time to see the dark in a new light!
Now is the grand opportunity to integrate the dark. Why? Because the 5th dimension is much less dark, but in order get there, you have to be able to be objective when the dark is doing its job being dark. The irony is that the dark actually can help the light grow brighter…

You will notice in the yin and yang above there is day and night – polar opposites. But there is something else as well. They are connected. Day and night are intimately connected as are the light and the dark. They work together as they always have. You can’t remove yin and only have yang, it is impossible and would be out of balance. As we learn to respect the dark for what it is and love it for what it has taught us, we are ready to release it for the highest good of ourselves and planet Earth. ♥

© 2012


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