Is the Indigo Label Necessary? Hell Yes!

It is hard not to get caught up in the label debate as you casually try to find info about indigos. So many people rant that ‘the children shouldn’t be labeled,’ on and on. The first most logical thing to analyze is – can we live without labels at this point of our evolution? Are you able to tell someone how to do something without a label? No. You can’t escape labels in our reality right now. If we were meant to live without labels, we would be! That simple. Yay, we can relax and let evolution take care of the label issue.

The indigo label is absolutely necessary to the well-being of some awakening indigos. Like many, many indigos, I had a huge sense of relief just finding out there was an explanation to describe how I felt all those years feeling quite lost on this planet. The day I found out I was an indigo is one of the most important days of my life. I am not alone. We thirst to know who we are and what we are doing here (why, why, why!?). Knowing this has helped me to understand how I am connected to the greater plan and what my ultimate mission is. It connected me to an upward spiral instead of a downward one. Some say the label separates you from others. I say knowing you are indigo helps with unification as we share the indigo energy with others. Those around the indigo are becoming more indigo and just may find a need for understanding as well.

To balance things out, I do understand the point some make about the negative aspects of the label when balance has been disrupted. In other words, if you have a ‘head in the clouds’ attitude about the label instead of a grounded, balanced, humble attitude, the label may not be serving you. How the label is used by the child or parent is the issue, not the label itself. It’s only a label that we give power to or not.

One of my favorite quotes about the indigo label is from Sandra Sedgbeer –“One day we will do away with the labels and we will just call them children. We will call them humans. But for now I think it is important to have labels because if we don’t label them, other people will. They are already being labeled. They are being labeled dyslexic, autistic, disruptive, troublesome, ADHD, ADD, problem children. And I think if we don’t create a different kind of label for them, then mainstream society will.”

It is my hope that the first labels to evolve out of our existence will be negative labels. As psychologists, psychiatrists and the like wake up to the terrible evidence that putting negative labels on a person may actually help the person really live up to the label, there will be a shift in understanding that they themselves are part of the problem. The other part of the problem is the person who is willingly accepting the negative label from these ‘experts.’ Take your power back from negative labels and see yourself in positive light. ♥

© 2012


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