You Can’t Protest a Creation to Uncreate It

When the Occupy Wall Street protests began, I was filled with excitement because to me it meant that people were awakening to the realities of the system and what a mis-creation it is. I admired their courage to go out there day after day and speak their minds and to help awaken others. As a group, awakening others is their true mission.

If they believe that protesting will uncreate Wall Street, that is pure fiction. Deep down we all know that protesting a creation like Wall Street will never make it go away. In fact energetically this can create a stand off where the energy just pushes against each other – back and forth, back and forth. This is still feeding the problem. Resistance helps things grow! The protestors message can motivate and inspire Wall Street even more. We have all felt that resistance that motivates us to better things! We don’t want to be giving Wall Street a gift, we want to radically transform it! Heeellllooooo!!

Mother Teresa: “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

The solution is simply to rise above it. This is not necessarily easy, but it is necessary. It is far more emotionally charging (and satisfying) to speak your mind to the ‘perpetrators.’ However, the ‘perpetrators’ don’t really care what you have to say in most cases. They are at a different level of understanding, a different wavelength. They don’t get it and they are not supposed to. The other problem is that Wall Street could not exist without people actually buying into it in the first place. Time for us to take responsibility with that one. Wall Street is simply showing us where we have given our power away. What a gift because now we can reclaim it without them.

How to rise above an issue…
Even if you do speak your mind, and sometimes this is very necessary, later you can get down to business and really work on uncreating it in a more powerful way.

Shift in perspective
Try to see the whole picture, not just your viewpoint. Look for the silver lining, it is always there. A shift in perspective will help remove the emotional charge that you feel. The emotional charge can keep a mis-creation in place. The mis-creation is there as a gift to push you to rise above it!

Do energy work on yourself and maybe throw a bit of light to the ‘problem’
Energy work is great to help release emotional charges in you around a ‘problem.’ It doesn’t hurt to send some light to the problem while you are at it.

Opt out of the system and choose something better
This may come naturally anyway as you lose interest in 3D activities.

Send the message to others about rising above an issue. That is what is happening now and we need more participants to get the energy flow really going to knock down all the lame mis-created systems or transform them radically into systems of integrity. ♥

© 2012


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